Gunasegaran, death in custody No.1805 : Judicial Review of Coroner’s verdict on 18th June, 2012

Posted on June 15, 2012


Gunasegaran, then aged 31, was arrested and taken to the Sentul Police Station on 16th July 2008 at around 6.45 pm.

At 7.40 pm he was pronounced dead by the police while on the way to the KL Hospital.

He died on the same day as Teoh Beng Hock.

After an inquest a year later, the coroner, on 25th October, 2010, returned an open verdict . The coroner, Siti Shakirah binti Mohtarudin found insufficient evidences to record a conclusion to the case and to determine the cause of death of Guna.

The family of Guna believe Guna’s death related directly to injuries he sustained whilst beaten at the police station. Evidence of this beating was given during the inquest.

A judicial review of the open verdict was applied for by the sister.

The details of the case as below:

Date:         18 Jun 2012 (Monday)

Time:         9 am

Venue:      High Court 2, Jalan Duta

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