…and then there was Paulino Miranda

Posted on June 16, 2012


And who is Paulino Miranda, you ask?

Read about him in the Malaysianinsider.

A man of the cloth who walks the talk.

The report has got two bits of detail wrong.

Firstly, the incident took place on 9th November, 2008.

Secondly, and more importantly, there was no order from the police to disperse before they swooped in to arrest.

I should not say more in case those accused now and facing trial in court are ordered to enter their defence and in case I am called as a witness.

I just want to acknowledge that Paulino does not just attend to his flock from the pulpit, but also stands shoulder to shoulder with them when it counts most.

Which is more than can be said of many of the religious leaders in the MCCBCHST.

I have had to work with many of their leaders since as far back as 2001 so I know the stuffing that many of them are made of.

Take their present president, Daozhang Tan Hoe Chieow.

Just after the youth who were part of the Occupy Dataran initiative were attacked by gangsters, I called him to ask if the MCCBCHST could not find it in themselves to show support for these young freedom fighters and to issue a statement to condemn the violence inflicted on them and to demand that the authotirities afford them the fullest protection possible.

His response?

He would take it up with the council.

There was no visit by any of the Council leaders to the Occupy Dataran site to see if these young Malaysians were okay, and if they needed any assistance.

No statement issued to lend moral support, to condemn the violence or to call on the authorities to protect our young ones.

Total silence!

In the eyes of MCCBCHST, all was well.

In the eyes of MCCBCHST, all is well in this nation!

Well, I guess they continue to receive their annual stipend ( RM5 million, I am told ), so why would they want to rock the boat?

The MCCBCHST, together with their counterparts in Islam, are, in reality, no more than a continuation of a conspiracy, since time immemorial, between the powers that be and the clergy to subjugate the people

To Tan and his ilk in the Council, and the Islamic religious authorities, Jesus so aptly describes you lot in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 23.