Will the sins of the father be visited on the son?

Posted on July 3, 2012


In her piece in FMT, “The doctor decides…?” , Selena Tay shares with us information she has received that suggests Mahathir  now rules the roost in UMNO and that he is targeting to have the 13th GE in September, this year.

1st September, to be precise.

And if not September, then December.

1st December.

I am hearing differently from my sources in UMNO.

Yes, Dr M is pissed of with Jibby.

And the old man wants pink lips out of the driving seat.

And notwithstanding the spin that is being put out about how well BN might do in the next GE, nobody in UMNO who is in the know really believes that.

Sure, they plan to cheat, but can they pull it off, and big time, too?

And can they bank on Sabah remaining a fixed deposit?

So, yes, they might still win, but can Jibby improve on Pak Lah’s performance in 2008?

Many in UMNO think he can’t, and that would suit Dr M fine, given that Jibby came to office riding on Pak Lah’s poor performance, so a poor showing by Jibby in GE13 gives Dr M and the other UMNO warlords the perfect premise to force pinky lips out.

Except for a huge, ugly stumbling block.


Pak Lah was not married to a woman who was calling the shots.

Jibby is.

No guarantee, therefore, that, Jibby can be forced out the way Pak Lah was.

And Dr M knows that.

So it was back to the drawing board for Dr M

And this, I am told, is the evil bugger’s game plan.

No, not to displace Najib through a poor election result, but by the establishment of a National Operations Council (NOC).

Post May 13, 1969, emergency was declared, parliament was suspended and power was vested in a NOC.

There were many brains behind that move.

I’ll just mention two.

Tun Razak.

Dr M.

These two men, together with others, ended Tunku’s rule as prime minister through the mechanism of the NOC.

When parliament was restored later, Tunku was out of office and in his place was Razak.

See Dr M stirring up the race issue of late?

See the trouble being stirred by Perkasa in Penang?

Expect more of it, I am told.

And expect it to get worse.

Soon after Razak died, Najib won a seat in parliament. Many felt he won on the strength of his lineage.

The involvement of that lineage in the removal of Tunku may yet come back to haunt Jibby.