With you on this, bro

Posted on July 4, 2012


“As I said, our fight is not just about ABU. It must be about getting rid of the Umno culture, which is prevalent in the opposition as well. We accuse the government of all sorts of sins and transgressions. But the opposition does exactly what they accuse the government of doing. And in this ‘debate with Anwar’ episode, the MSM and the alternative media both sang the same tune.

So why would I want to fight to replace one devil with another, never mind that one may be a bigger devil than the other? Small devil or big devil, a devil is still a devil. And this ‘debate’ episode is just one of many episodes that show how both sides can be devils when it suits their political agenda.

This is not what I mean when I say we must fight for change. It is not a fight to replace a bigger evil with a lesser evil. It must be a fight to eradicate evil totally. If not how can we justify deposing Saddam Hussein who is not as bad as Adolf Hitler? Was not Saddam considered evil even if he was not as bad as Hitler?” – RPK, in his post, “Now you know what happened”.

I’m in complete agreement.