Manchester’s Plan B is, at best, a no brainer, and, at worst, is proof of…

Posted on July 31, 2012


Ok, let’s get this over and done with as we have serious work to do in ABU and I don’t want to waste any more time with Manchester or his Plan B.

It’s a no brainer.

Then again, maybe not.

I’ll tell you why.

But if it was a no brainer from Pak Lah, it would not trouble me.


Because from Pak Lah, what else could you expect?

But from RPK?

He holds himself out as a master strategist and I have to say, he is good.

Not the best, but yes, good.

I have had enough occasion to sit with him and plan to know that when he puts his mind to it, he can sit down and draw up the A to Z of a battle plan.

The last being the stand and directions of MCLM and ABU when we were in Phuket.

Speaking of MCLM, Pete, please stop spinning on what went wrong.

I don’t want to write another piece to set the record straight.

Such a waste of time!

Back to no brainer Plan B.

I asked RPK to clarify the following, so that concerns may be laid to rest :

Why his shift from his earlier stance of ‘non-Malays stay home, let the Malays sort it out’ to his present ‘better a liberal Najib than a ‘radical Malay supremacy, May 13-minded’ UMNO leader ?

Does Plan B kick in before or after the polls results?

Does Plan B mean we accept the polls results with UMNO / BN emerging victorious, even if this is the dirtiest ever elections?

How is Plan B to be executed?

In his ‘The principle behind the stand : the lesser of the evils’ , he did not address these concerns.

Let me repeat here again what I understand to be RPK’s rationale for this no brainer Plan B.

The seeming rationale for Plan B is a concern, on the part of RPK, that the recent attempts by Dr M and his corner to resurrect the ghost of May 13 presents a real prospect of this happening, rather than being a mere attempt to create the spectre, and attendant fear by the middle class, of inter-racial violence gripping this nation post the 13th GE, should UMNO / BN be deposed.

Should we be concerned about these seeming attempts by Dr M and his goons to spark unrest on the streets ala May 13?

Let’s take a little time to understand what’s taking place now, by viewing the same against past events.

I’ve written about this previously HERE, so maybe you could re-visit that post rather than have me re-hash it here.

Opinion is divided as to whether the riots of May 13, 1969 were spontaneous clashes between ethnic groups or were deliberately contrived by certain elements in UMNO with a view to create a state that could justify a declaration of a state of emergency, suspend parliament and vest authority and power in a National Operations Council, leading ultimately to the retirement of Tunku from the premiership and the ascendancy of Razak to this position.

What is clear is that, given the state of communications systems then, the authorities were able to contain the violence so that it did not spread throughout the country but was somewhat localised in certain areas.

I recall that by about 7pm on that first day of the emergency, phone lines were cut and there was no way to check with relatives in the north as to what was happening there.

We will never know if this was contrived by certain quarters in UMNO until we have a truth and reconciliation commission to look into and fully report on what really happened 43 years ago.

The difference in communications systems today and that in 1969 would mean that any contrived violence on the streets today might not be as contained as it was in 1969.

Within minutes of, say, violence today in the Chow Kit area in KL, news of the same would have reached Kulim, in the north, Skudai in the south and KK in Sabah and and Kuching in Sarawak.

As I said in my earlier posting in January, 2010 :

“The nation would be in flames.

That the ultras in UMNO then called off the rally tells us that they too, then, could not afford a nation in flames.

The economy would be in ruins. There would be no riches to pilfer in the guise of governance”.

So ought we to take this latest racial tension posturing by Dr M and his cohorts seriously?

In my view, yes.

But not by capitulating to it in fear, and voting for stability as our forefathers did, believing as they did that a vote for BN was a vote for stability.

ABU has a plan. I will share this with all of you in due course.

Now, back to the no brainer Plan B.

RPK has gone on record so many times to say that Penang fell to the opposition in 2008 because Dr M orchestrated this to happen in order to undermine Pak Lah.

In other words, that is the extent to which the Evil One still wields power amongst the UMNO warlords.

And Dr M’s grand scheme in 2008, it would seem, was to ensure that BN won, but dismally, as it ultimately did, and to then use this to boot Pak Lah out of office, which is what ultimately happened.

So by Plan B, the idea is that if Plan A, which is nearly on all fours with our ABU initiative, fails, we ensure that liberal Najib remains premier and is not ousted by the Evil One.

You must see immediately that Plan A is at odds with Plan B so the two cannot be worked simultaneously.

Meaning to say, we can’t be working on both plans at the same time.

You can’t be working to ‘kuburkan Najib, UMNO and BN’ in the run up to polling day and at the same time working to keep Najib in office.

If that was the gameplan, then yes, it is a no brainer.

If Plan B is to kick in after the results of the 13th GE are out and BN are the winners, what can we do to further Plan B if say, Najib does no better than Pak Lah did, in 2008, or worse?

What can we do, as part of Plan B, to stop the Evil One and his gang of warlords moving in for the kill to remove Najib and instal Muhyiddin as the interrim for a term with Mukhriz waiting in the wings?

Hold street rallies as a show of support for Najib?


I die first before I do something like that!

Truth is, we, the ordinary folk, will have no say over the internal struggle within UMNO.

The only way we could save Najib’s sorry ass is to make sure he does exceptionally well in the elections so that Dr M and his warlords do not have the basis to push for his removal.

But to do that, Plan A would have to give way to Plan B well before polling day!

So is Plan B indeed a no brainer?

Maybe, and then again, maybe not.

The last few months, with a view to formulate our phase 2 plans, ABU has been undertaking a study on the ground to fully understand the sentiments.

I will share with you what I can here.

In Malaya ( what most of you call Semenanjung ), the support for BN and the opposition is split almost right down the middle.


What’s very clear is the Chinese vote is solidly behind the move for change.

In Sarawak, BN still has a slight advantage.

Sabah, though, is increasingly becoming the key to who will take Putrajaya post the 13th GE, with Jeffery’s STAR gaining ground daily with its Borneo Agenda, which is resonating with the people of Sabah.

More on what’s going on in Sabah in one of my forthcoming posts.

Recent reports, though, indicate that the Malay sentiment, both in the rural and urban areas, may be swinging back to UMNO, owing to the daily dose of lies and race/religion spin they get through Utusan and TV3 about the possible loss of Malay political dominance, about the danger of the ascendancy of DAP, and thereby the Chinese, if Pakatan comes to power, and this whole business of the hudud.

Again, I will just tell you, without any elaboration at this juncture, that ABU has plans to counter this spin.

If UMNO has managed to claw back some of its lost Malay support through the lies and spins in the mainstream media, are they not going to make any effort to get back some of the lost Chinese votes?

What might work with the Chinese, and how to reach them?

Get them to fear another May 13, perhaps?

Get some of them thinking that it might be best to vote for stability?

Let me repeat here what I said in my earlier post in 2010.

What they then did was, through the mainstream media, to contrive fear of racial tension.

Every other day, in that December of 2007, the IGP was quoted asking people not to be influenced by e-mails and sms’s warning of trouble looming in the country.

That was enough.

It worked.

Every other day that month, I received sms’s asking me to take care as I travelled in the course of my work, social activism or otherwise.

No, maybe Plan B is not such a no brainer after all, if you understand what the plan really is.