ABU declares war on UMNO / BN

Posted on August 2, 2012


In my ‘Strategising ABU’post, I said :

“We’ve done our homework, and identified the vulnerable BN seats that can be taken and the vulnerable opposition seats that need to be defended.

In Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak.

For obvious reasons, I’m not going to detail those seats I’ve just mentioned.

Suffice to say that, if we can prise those vulnerable seats away from BN, and successfully defend the existing opposition seats, we should take Putrajaya with a total of 141 seats.

Now, I want to clarify here that by ‘we’, I do not mean Pakatan Rakyat.

I mean the 3 Pakatan parties, working cohesively with the many other non-BN parties in Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak.

And us, the rakyat”.

And in my “Plan B a no brainer” post, I shared with you the latest intelligence information that we have.

“In Malaya ( what most of you call Semenanjung ), the support for BN and the opposition is split almost right down the middle.


What’s very clear is the Chinese vote is solidly behind the move for change.

In Sarawak, BN still has a slight advantage.

Sabah, though, is increasingly becoming the key to who will take Putrajaya post the 13th GE, with Jeffery’s STAR gaining ground daily with its Borneo Agenda, which is resonating with the people of Sabah.

More on what’s going on in Sabah in one of my forthcoming posts.

Recent reports, though, indicate that the Malay sentiment, both in the rural and urban areas, may be swinging back to UMNO, owing to the daily dose of lies and race/religion spin they get through Utusan and TV3 about the possible loss of Malay political dominance, about the danger of the ascendancy of DAP, and thereby the Chinese, if Pakatan comes to power, and this whole business of the hudud.

In my “ABUing Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak” post, I shared with all  of you that the ABU secretariat was working on several efforts and initiatives that will require the involvement of all of you.

Finally, in three short sentences in my “Will RPK make sense of these for us?” post, I alluded to the work all of us will have to throw ourselves into in ABU phase 2.

“We are now in phase 2.

A media war is underway to outreach to the Malay heartlands, to the police and the armed forces.

And to deliver a chilling warning to the new Mykad holders”.

For the last two weeks, a motley crew of taxi drivers, who I fondly and proudly refer to as the ABU Taxi Brigade, have been taking a short message to foreigners who travel in their cabs :  show up at polling stations on polling day during PRU13 and be prepared for dire consequences. The rakyat are no longer prepared to be cheated at the polls.

This is the same message we delivered to the kampung folk in our ABU ceramah in January and February.

If you see foreigners queuing up to get into  the polling stations, get them out, by whatever means.

During this same 2 week period, we soft launched our ABU publicity blitz.

Actress Abby Abadi has gotten into the ABU act. You can, too

Fuel consumers being awakened to the ABU initiaitve

Is Koh Tsu Khoon getting into the ABU act too?

And over the last weekend, I traveled through the north through to the central region, to lay the ground work for our publicity blitz. This week, we will reach out to the east and the south.

What then follows is the launch of our BALIK KAMPUNG BAWA BERITA BENAR campaign.

First issue we are taking out to the kampung folk : MENGAPA HARGA BARANG NAIK?

This issue is affecting 80% of the nation.

ABU pamphlets to explain this are going out.

A special message to the military and police is  also going out, to urge them to side with the rakyat.

Here is how you can involve yourself in these efforts.

The ABU website is up. Please don’t expect something fanciful. You can access it HERE. Its work in progress.

We want you fully involved in the ongoing publicity blitz.

Here’s how.

Click on the ABU stickers thumbnail on the left and a 6 on one pager, in PDF, opens.

Print a 100 copies.

More if you are really inspired.

Don’t bother cutting them into six separate stickers.

Get a can or a tin of glue, head out with a team of friends, and ABUkan public walls.

Please don’t get caught, though.

And when you’re done with this blitz, get ready to help with the MENGAPA HARGA BARANG NAIK? campaign.

Remember the pamphlets that are going out to the kampung?

Click on the cartoon and a PDF version of the pamphlet will open.

Print a 100 copies. Colour, or black and white, it does not matter.

Yes, more  if you are determined to help get the truth to the rakyat.

How to fold it into neat pamphlets?

Go HERE for help.

You are going to BALIK KAMPUNG for the Raya holidays?


Take these pamphlets and distribute them to friends and relatives.

This is probably the best Raya gift you can ever give them.

The truth!

All these material are already up on the ABU website. Do go to the site and see for yourself.

I’ll alert you once the material for the military and police personnel are up on the website. Please do the same as I hope you will now do with the MENGAPA HARGA BARANG NAIK? pamphlet.

People, this war against UMNO / BN cannot be won without you.

Please, the time for talking, for commenting here and on other sites, is over.

We have a war to win.

And a nation to take back.

For the anak Bangsa Malaysia long marginalised and left to rot.

Do it for them.

Is that a court room? Damn!

Civil servants and court staff eat here everyday. How to wake them up to the existence of this ABU initiative?

The stairs leading up to the Pusat Penjaja Selera Duta

Road users, wake up ! ABU is here!