Please help ABU. I don’t want to lose all my friends

Posted on August 3, 2012


Yes, I have been blessed with wonderful friends.

But everyone has their limits.

My beautiful friends are no different.

Since January, this year, ABU has operated from a secretariat with one full-time co-ordinator.

In June, I sms’d a group of friends to say I could no longer afford to  sustain the operational cost of the ABU secretariat and that if each would  commit RM100 a month, the burden of maintaining the secretariat would be spread and it could continue.

So typical  of them, many rallied to the call and today, the operational cost of the secretariat and the one co-ordinator are borne by many.

Yesterday, I sms’d those same friends again, to help out with the cost of the recently launched media war against UMNO / BN.

The adhesive stickers.

The Mengapa Harga Barang Naik? pamphlets.

They cost money.

Lots of money.

The message to the military and the police personnel is almost done.

This will cost, too.

There are many more initiatives in the pipeline that I cannot say too much about just now.

These will cost, too.

Many of the friends I sms’d yesterday responded with their usual generosity and support.

However, many have also not responded.

I do not fault them.

It’s unfair that I keep knocking on their doors all the time with my begging bowl.

Many of you, both at home and overseas, have sent comments here and emailed me to ask how you can contribute to the ABU cause.

And I know many more want to help with the cost of this war we have taken on to free this nation from UMNO / BN.

Here’s the problem we face.

Dedicating a local bank account number for you to send in contributions seems the most sensible means to get in funds for ABU.

Problem is, the account will immediately be frozen by the banks on the instructions of UMNO / BN, with accusations of money laundering etc, etc.

When ABU was launched in December, last year, I had asked my friend in Manchester to help in setting up an overseas account with trustees, so that even the Malaysian diaspora could help out with funding, but then I resigned as MCLM prez in January, and nothing has come of it since.

Can something be done?

An overseas account with, say, 3 trustees?

Maybe ABU-UK cn be set up as a society ( I understand that the laws in UK do not require registration of a society. Such was the case with MCLM ), a bank account then opened in the name of ABU-UK with 3 trustees to oversee the funds, and this account then used to collect funds for ABU at home?

Could this be done?

Any other ideas?

Please help.