You want to help build the ABU war chest?

Posted on August 7, 2012


Moderator’s note : Commentator lz suggests that those sending contributions by Western Union best sms the details rather than send the same by email.

The phone number to send those details by email has been listed below, in red.


There were 47 comments to my ‘Please help ABU’ post, with many suggestions by you as to how we could go about getting funds in to drive the ABU effort to get UMNO / BN out of Putrajaya at this 13th GE.

TK called me and suggested I check with Tony Pua as to how he had gone about raising funds to help pay for the recent court judgment against him.

I called Tony, TK.

Tony offered the public a DAP bank account to which funds could be sent.

This option is not open to us, TK, but thank you for the call and the suggestion.

Going through the other suggestions, I have come up with three options.

First, Paypal.

I have set up my Paypal account.

You can send your contributions to my account at ( account of Haris Fathillah bin Mohamed Ibrahim )

Alternatively, we could use Western Union. If this is your preferred option, you could wire your contributions and notify me of the details at or by sms to 012-2070534. The ABU secretariat checked with Western Union and you will need the following details to send in your contributions :

Recipient : Haris Fathillah bin Mohamed Ibrahim

Address : 17-1, Jalan 109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Off Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur , 58100 Malaysia

Tel : 0122070534

Finally, I will go down to Singapore to open an account at the soonest possible. I am in Labuan now and returning later today, but am down again with acute sinusitis so the opening of this account will probably only be done next week after I have recovered.

A reminder.

If you are sending your contributions by Western Union, you will have to notify me of the amount, your details and the Western Union password by email, at the address mentioned above.

An assurance.

You have my word that every contribution will only be used for this ABU initiative that we, at the secretariat, have taken up on your behalf.