The ABU War Fund : An update

Posted on August 12, 2012


On 2nd August, this year, ABU declared war against UMNO / BN.

The following day, through this blog, I made an appeal for financial help so that ABU may continue this war against UMNO / BN.

Many responded generously.

By late evening on Friday last, a little over RM44,000 had come in.

As at the time of writing this up, another RM4,000 has come in.

We are grateful for this.

That same Friday, RM37,350.00 of that money collected was used to pay for 100,000 copies each of our ABU Stickers, our Mengapa Harga Barang Naik? pamphlet and the Pesanan Tulus Ikhlas Kepada Anggota Keselamatan flyer, most of which should have reached our operatives in 7 states by now.

The name and the signature of the printer has been marked out to protect them

We are now awaiting feed back from operatives in the remaining 4 states in Malaya, after which a a re-order for the pamphlets and the flyers will have to be made in the next few days, both for those 4 states and for a special initiative directed to the military and the police.

As I had said in an earlier post, we are at war, and whatever we are receiving and may continue to receive is simply not going to be enough.

Many of you have reassured me that as and when the need arises, ask and you will give what you can.

That, however, places the burden of funding this war on too few shoulders.

That would not be right.

Here is what I am going to ask of you.

I have created a permanent ABU Fund page on this blog.

You can access it by clicking the  top most ABU  banner on the side bar.

Please send the link to your family and friends.

Explain to them what the ABU effort is.

Tell them that if they really want to see a change in this nation, and the long overdue removal of UMNO /BN from Putrajaya this 13th GE, the time for complaining and bitching at the pubs and coffee shops is over.

There are 400,000 Malaysians  in Singapore.

20,000 in Hong Kong.

And thousands more in the UK, Australia and elsewhere.

Send the message out to them, too.

Help us.