ABU War Fund : Malaysians Down Under send in AUS$700 to paypal

Posted on August 13, 2012


Last night, the amount in the ABU Paypal stood at a little over RM800.

This morning, it is RM3,476.15.

Ah, the sheer beauty of the internet!

Bringing together people thousands of miles apart.

In 2007, soon after I started blogging, John, an anak bangsa Malaysia who for a long time has  been residing in Sydney, sent in a comment to a post.

That one comment led to a series of emails.

In December, that year, when John was back home, we met and since then, whenever John is back, if possible, we try to meet up.

When the ABU appeal for help went out, John got down to work.

Contacting fellow Malaysians in Australia, alerting them as to what ABU is all about and our dire need for financial assistance to wage an effective war to get rid of UMNO / BN from Putrajaya post the 13th general election.

John called me this morning.

“Bro, sending AUS$700 to the ABU Paypal. Not much, but this is from Malaysians here who want to see a change back home. I will continue with my efforts to raise funds for ABU”, he said

I told John that every single sen counted, and no amount was too small.

To our fellow anak bangsa Malaysia in Australia who have helped make up the sum sent this morning, on behalf of ABU, the 40% marginalised in this country, and myself, Terima Kasih.

And to any of you reading this, if you would like to contribute to the ABU fund, please click the top most ABU banner in the side bar of this blog to find out how you can do so.