Make this Raya a more meaningful one. Take ABU back to the folks at home

Posted on August 15, 2012


“Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir dan batin. Ini je buah tangan yang saya ada untuk Raya ini, untuk renungan encik sekeluarga”.

With those words, a smile and a handshake, I hand a copy each of our Mengapa Harga Barang Naik? pamphlet and the Pesanan Tulus Ikhlas Kepada Anggota Keselamatan flyer to every police officer I have encountered over the last few days.

And to-date, I have not encountered a single hostile reaction.

A quick cursory look, a question or two, at most, and a thank you.

Yes, we’ve kicked off the ABU outreach to our military and police personnel, as the photos below will show.

I am awaiting photos from the other teams and the same will be posted here as when they are received.

Chegubard and the SAMM team delivering the ABU message at a police station in Penang

Civil defence personnel receiving the ABU message from the SAMM team

Reports coming in from operatives in the north about responses to the Mengapa Harga Barang Naik? pamphlet have been extremely positive.

Many who have received the pamphlets have come back to ask for more copies to distribute to friends and neighbours.

Some want to engage members of the distribution teams in discussion on the issues raised in the pamphlet.

This  is where all of you can play an important role.

Starting today right through to the eve of Hari Raya, many of you will be heading back to your respective kampungs and home towns.

Please, please, please, people, download and print as many of the Mengapa Harga Barang Naik? pamphlets and the Pesanan Tulus Ikhlas Kepada Anggota Keselamatan flyers as you can afford and take home and distribute them to friends and relatives.

Then take time out to discuss the issues with them.

You see police and military officers over the next few days?

With a smile and a raya greeting, give them the ABU message.

Better yet, step into the stations and beat bases and hand out the pamphlets and flyers to the officers present.

Take photos and send them to me at for posting here.

Write a short story of your experience so that it can be shared with others here and send it to the same email address.

Tell you what?

For every set of photos sent to me with an accompanying write-up, I am going to give away an ABU T-shirt.

No, the cost is not coming out of the contributions you have sent in.

This is my gift to you this Hari Raya for being a wira ABU.

Don’t forget to state your T-shirt size, and your telephone number and address so that we can mail  the T-shirt to you.

Click on both thumbnails to download PDF copies of both the pamphlet and the flyer .

Not sure how to fold the pamphlets?

Go HERE for help.

Remember, all these documents are readily downloadable from the ABU website.

You want to take a really strong ABU message back home?

I met up with some grassroot activists from Sungei Siput about 2 weeks back, who had been involved in the distribution of the DNBN Kuburkan BN di PRU13 documentary and they told me that it had proven to be a very effective message to the kamoung folk as to why it is time to Kuburkan UMNO / BN.

The whole documentary, in 6 parts, is available on Youtube. Part 1 is linked here : watch?v=ZvsL4gd9LR8

How about trying to get the folks back home to skip one of the many Malay movies that are going to be screened on TV over this Raya holidays and get them to watch the documentary on your notebook instead?

Now I am really going to push my luck.

If your family and friends have the means, how about passing the hat around and make a collection for the ABU Fund?

Every sen counts.

And if you are driving home, watch the speed limits and rest, if you have to, please.

We want you around to enjoy an UMNO /BN – free Putrajaya after the 13th GE.