Shakuntala takes the ABU message to our men in blue!

Posted on August 17, 2012


Regular commentator on this blog, Shakuntala, sent in her little story of taking the ABU message out.

Shakun, please send me an email at with your desired T-shirt size and the address that I should send it to.

Great job, dear!


I have a little story, but alas,. without the photos….great pity that I did not carry my camera.

I met five policemen today, by sheer chance..

They were together sitting at a table in PJ.

I was looking for a place around there to have lunch….went up to them, armed with the Pesanan Tulus Ikhlas and ABU leaflets.

More luck….they all smiled at me simultaneiously and nodded.

I felt a few shock waves going through me..but plucked up courage, pulled out the flyers and offered them.

They readily took one each.and started to read.

One asked for the ABU leaflet, so I gave it to him.

There were a few laughs., which also surprised me.

They seemed to know you!!

So I complimented them on being so friendly and told them quite frankly that this was a change of circumstance.

They told me that they were from the PJ Balai Police.

One young one, the one who had the sweetest smile, said that he was going to pin one flyer up on the Balai wall.

When I said I was really sorry I did not have a camera,for a shot , one said, “Ta apa, lain kali”.

Blyme…ABU certainly made my day.

We parted with waves and smiles.

Can you believe that?

It was really Selamat Hari Raya in the true sense.