Walked away feeling good, that I had done something..

Posted on September 8, 2012


I got this email from a dear friend.

Thought I would share it with all of you.

Good on you, Willie!


What started out like a normal Wednesday afternoon for this plain old (young at heart) joe,  your typical single parent guy , left me with a feeling of “Relief! I did it!’ kind of feeling because I walked out of my comfort zone and reached out to 3 total strangers in uniform.

At 2.15pm that day, I had a lunch appoinment (inpromptu) with a dear friend who is not so tech savy. She had an issue with her iPad and after trying to sort the issue over the phone, which was going nowhere,  I took up her offer to meet. Tell me, would you resist a free meal?.

We sat and started chatting, ordered our food and I was toying around with the iPad. At the same time, not too far from our table, I noticed 3 bomba personnel sitting and chatting together after their meal.

I told my friend that I had some ABU pamphlets , showed her and immediately she return a smile with a question “Are you thinking of giving these out? To who, ah?”.

I turned and pointed out to the group of 3.

Even as I pointed out my targets, so many ‘what ifs’ rushed through my mind, and I shared these with my friend.

She told me to offer them the basic greetings since it was still Hari Raya.. The simple and straight forward “‘selamat hari raya , maaf zahir batin .. That should get you going ” .

I smiled at her and said “Ah!!  And then…?”

I was trying to steady my nerves.

Then, in a split second, even as the spirit was so, so willing, but the mind was conjuring up scores of reasons why I should not , I said aloud, “Damn! Let’s do it”.

A quick exchange of ideas with my friend, off I went with the pamphlets, and walked towards their table.

I greeted them as planned , with a big smile.

I told them that I spotted them seated and I could not go off without first handing them a copy of the ABU message.

Handing each of them a copy of the ABU pamphlet and in a mix of English and Malay, I told them that I had attended Bersih 3.0 and if I had caused them any hardship I asked to be to be forgiven.

They took the pamphlets and extended a handshake and a smile.

One of them was quick to respond, “Ah.. ABU “. I replied, “Ya bang, sila baca yer?”

I thanked them and walk backed to our table, feeling relief that none of them sought to engage me in conversation, not because I might not be able to carry on a conversation, but I was nervous.

My friend and I finished our meal and while I was fiddling with the iPad, iI was pleased to watch the 3 leave the restaurant with the pamphlets in their hands.

Yes! The iPad was fixed and my friend paid for the meal. .. and I have a few more pamphlets in my car.

Not for long, though.