Is this how hospitals generate patients?

Posted on September 20, 2012


Update on 20/9/2102 : Spoke to C of the hospital administration at 11am. She has assured me that something will be done. Have told her that I will check within a week and if the matter has been adequately addressed, I will let it rest. Otherwise, the hospital will be named in this blog and a complaint lodged with the authorities.


Went to hospital yesterday fasting to do my blood test to make sure that my diabetes is under control.

The last month and a half, I have been traveling quite a bit, making it somewhat difficult to stick to my diet and exercise regime, and I half expected that the reading would not be satisfactory and I would be reprimanded, albeit gently.

Blood test done. Results would be ready in an hour, at which time the doctor would see me.

Breakfast time!

Headed to the cafeteria.

There was a repeat of the QPR v Chelsea game on the TV.


Got my food and a Teh-si O and settled down to eat and watch the game.

One sip of the tea, and then it happened.

One fly landed on the edge of the plate.

Shooed it away and another one landed on the table, just as the first took off.

I called over a lady who appeared to me to be the supervisor, and complained about the flies.

Her reply shocked me.

“Cannot do anything, lah”, she said.

I pointed out to her that this was a private hospital, I was a patient there, and that we were entitled to expect that the entire premise of the hospital, including the cafeteria, ought to be free of flies.

“Do everything also cannot, lah. The floor also we clean with medicine also cannot”, she persisted.

I pointed out to her that there was no electric insect zapper in the cafeteria.

She insisted that it did not work.

I then suggested that the entrance to the cafeteria be fitted with a glass door to keep the flies out.

“Then patients on wheelchair want to come in will complain, lah”, she shot back.

By now, I was exasperated.

I started taking photographs of flies on tables and chairs.

That got the lady somewhat agitated and she flew into proactive action.

She grabbed what looked like the half-remains of what used to be a fly swatter and went about swatting the flies wherever she found them.

I went over and photographed the bin under the wash basin and more flies on tables.

“Enough, lah mister. No more photographs”, she pleaded.

In response, i went over and took a photograph of the food service area.

She gave me a dirty look.

I gave her my name and number scribbled on a piece of paper and asked her to pass it on to her management with a message from me that I would be in touch.

I will give the management a call tomorrow and give them one week to do something about the totally unacceptable state of their cafeteria, failing which I will name the hospital in another post and lodge a complaint with the health authorities.