Transparency & Accountability? ABU must walk the talk

Posted on September 22, 2012


Had dinner with Auntie BERSIH about a month back.

Dropped the bombshell on her.

Would she co-audit the ABU fund with another volunteer?

After much banter, she asked me to give her 24 hours to revert back to me.

She came back to me, as promised, but declined.

And based on our chat the night before, I know why.

She’d rather spend her time ABUing on the ground, and giving Mat Abu a run for his money.

Bless you, Anne.

That still leaves me in a quandary.

At my last count, you good people had sent in over RM80,000.

Thank you all ever so much.

You made round 1 of taking the ABU message to the targeted constituencies possible.

We are in the midst of planning another blitz next month and, yes, I will have to turn to all of you for funding again.

But I would like to have the fund audited so that you all will know that it is being properly utilised.

Can I ask two readers to step forward to volunteer to audit the ABU fund, please?

If you are willing to, please send an email to

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