Flies in the hospital cafeteria : An update

Posted on September 29, 2012


Remember my “Is this how hospitals generate patients?” post last week?

The hospital staff I spoke to and who assured me the matter would be rectified got in touch with me 2 days ago.

They’ve installed an electric insect zapper in the cafeteria and replaced the bin with a new one.

The food trays remain uncovered, though.

And staff still swat flies, if there are any.

I assume the fly swatter is new, and not the remnants of what was once a swatter I saw when I was last there.

Told her I would drop by to see for myself if the ‘rectification’ is satisfactory.

If it is, we’ll credit them with at least responding appropriately and let the matter rest.

If it is not,…

Will keep you all informed.