People, meet your ABU War fund auditors

Posted on October 1, 2012


First in was SV Singam.

Then Michelle Yoon emailed me to volunteer.

We sit down this Friday to undertake the task of auditing the fund and the expenses.

Someone sent in a comment to ask if the profiles of the auditors could be disclosed.

I requested both Singam and Michelle for brief resumes and they obliged. They appear below


SABMer SV Singam

SV Singam

Studied in La Salle, St Johns & University of Malaya, graduating with Honours in Physics.

Joined a semiconductor MNC in Penang and worked in various capacities, in manufacturing, maintenance, IT & design departments.

Completed a masters in IT Management.

Took advantage of a career opportunity in Melaka to move closer to family and further broadened corporate exposure.

Retired from full time employment to offer consultancy & training on a freelance basis, became interested in Financial & Estate Planning, recently qualified by FPAM to use the CFP mark.

Currently engaged in electoral reform, voter education and PACABA training under the auspices of TindakMalaysia.


 Michelle Yoon

Aged 26, studied at SMK Puteri Ampang and SMK Seri Ampang and went on to graduate in Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Unitec New Zealand.

Works as a research assistant in a consultancy firm but is presently on sabbatical.

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