Notice to Cynthia the Hor and Shar the ex-…

Posted on October 6, 2012


Shar was recently elected the MCLM president.

You may or may not know him.

He has a lot of ex-‘s in his life.

You may or may not know about these ex-‘s.

I’ll leave it for the appropriate forum to decide  whether to tell all.

Cynthia was apparently elected something or  the other at the last MCLM AGM.

Don’t know what, but from the way she has been going about lately, she reckons it has now given her stature.

Now, these two have, of late, taken to a whisper campaign, making scurrilous allegations against my person.

Private messages in Facebook, harassing those I work with, and God knows what else.

And in one message to a friend in Facebook, the Hor intimated that if this MATTER was not resolved, they would be issuing a public statement soon.

The Hor emailed me twice.

And I spoke to Shar once on the phone.

And I’ve since taken this to solicitors.

So here’s the deal, Hor and ex-.

Don’t whisper.

Don’t threaten to issue public statements.

Just do it.

So Hor and ex-, if you think there is an iota of truth in what you say, don’t hide behind a whisper campaign.

To all those that you have been whispering to, and to the world at large, I now say both the Hor and the ex- are two-bit liars and say that there is no truth in these vile allegations.

Hor and ex-, my solicitors await your public notice.

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