Strike Two : Zero flies please, or else…

Posted on October 8, 2012


Remember my “Is this how hospitals generate patients?” post, about flies in the cafeteria in a private hospital?

And the follow-up post about steps taken by the hospital to rectify the situation?

Well, I drove out to the hospital this afternoon to see if the ‘rectification’ works had satisfactorily addressed the problem of flies in the cafeteria.

Bought myself a cup of tea and sat at a table.

Not even 3 minutes, and a fly decided to keep me company at my table.

Glanced at the next table.

A fly holding centre stage there.

Yes, they have fixed a small zapper at the entrance to the cafeteria, but it would seem that this has not solved the problem.

One contributory factor could be the lateness in clearing up tables after customers have eaten and left.

Two tables from where I was, I noted a plate left there for some twenty minutes after the customer had left, even though there were 3 staff members behind the counter and there were hardly customers there.

The moment I started walking round and taking photos, then the staff busied themselves clearing and wiping the tables.

Walked over to the food counter.


Two pesky flies just inches away from the food!


My phone battery is on the blink!

That means no more photos.

One staff at the counter now gets off her chair and gently starts waving a swatter at the flies.


Fly-friendly staff!

I called for the admin officer who had been liaising with me on this matter.

She showed up, with the Admin manager.


They were taking this matter seriously.

As we walked back into the cafeteria, I pointed to a fly on one of the glass tables.

And then, as we reached the food counter, for all three of us to see, was a fly, again merely inches away from the food.

And the same staff member gently waving the swatter.

I asked them if they agreed that this was surely not good enough.

I took their silence to mean agreement.

I’ve given them 1 more month to get their act together and make the cafeteria fly-free, or I blow the whistle on them