Balik kampung bawa berita benar : Let’s bury Soi Lek’s hudud spin

Posted on October 22, 2012


I am not going to repeat the filthy lies that were spewed by Soi Lek and other MCA delegates at their recently concluded AGM.

No reason to give any more life to their evil design to agitate the non-Muslim community, especially the Chinese, with their alarmist message that voting Pakatan into federal power post the 13th GE will see hudud become the order of the day.

Check comments left at most of the online portals that have reported what was said at the MCA AGM on this issue and you will find that most netizens have not been taken in by this desperate attempt by MCA to create alarm on the part of non-Muslim voters with this hudud-mongering.

We, who have access to alternative news, and realise that UMNO / BN are on their last leg, no better than to buy into this crap.

Yet, as Arthur observed last night, the Chinese dailies and the Chinese news reports on TV will take this out in full force to all the Mandarin-only speaking voters, especially in the smaller towns and the Chinese new villages, and, Arthur explained, even if this causes a 1% swing from what appears to be now a solid support base for a new regime in Putrajaya post the 13th GE, it may have an impact in some constituencies.

UMNO / BN have total monopoly over the print and electronic media with regard to this issue.

People, we need to come together to work to counter this UMNO / BN media spin

Some time back, in my “Dont fall for the MCA hudud bogeyman” post, I had offered the following analysis to support my contention that we would be losing sleep over nothing if we allowed ourselves to believe the MCA spin that a vote for Pakatan might see hudud implemented.

Amongst other things this is what I said.

“So what’s MCA really saying?

Vote BN and MCA will make sure UMNO never implements hudud.

Vote Pakatan and who’s to stop PAS implementing hudud?

Time for a reality check, folks.

Things as they are right now, could either UMNO or PAS, alone, implement hudud, or move to make Malaysia an Islamic state, whatever that phrase might mean?

I’ll say no to that question, and here’s why.

Post 12th GE, UMNO won 79 parliamentary seats.

By itself, it could not even form a government, much less move to implement hudud.

PAS won 23.

Need I say more on PAS going it alone to implement hudud?

What about PAS acting in combination with others? Could they then implement hudud?

Idiot PAS Ulama chief Harun Taib thinks it can be done.

“We will implement hudud and amend the constitution even if (it is) not with the current partners we have in Pakatan (Rakyat)… Maybe there will be other pacts that will lend us their support,”, Malaysiakini reports him saying.

He’s talking rubbish and here’s why.

Lets use the 12th GE results again.

UMNO’s 79 parliamentary seats includes its 13 in Sabah

Even a combination of the seats of UMNO and PAS would not have been enough to form the government.

A PAS-UMNO merger would leave them with 102 seats.

They would still need MCA’s 15 seats and MIC’s 3 to give them a simple majority government of 120 seats in parliament.

And with hudud and an Islamic state as their stated agenda, could it be expected that the non-Muslim BN component parties in Sabah and Sarawak will remain in the coalition, or align with those who will oppose this move?

I think the latter is the more likely.

Islamic state aspirations will require a 2/3 majority in parliament.

An UMNO-PAS move to establish an Islamic state would require that they command 148 seats in parliament to make the requisite constitutional amendments.

Co-opt 28 Muslim frogs from PKR?

Well, do a quick count and there are only 16 Muslim PKR MPs now ( 18 if Zul Nordin and Zahrain hadn’t froggied last year ) out of a total of 31 when the results were announced.

Even if all hopped over to the UMNO-PAS pro-hudud newly formed coalition, working with the treacherous MCA and MIC MPs, that would give them in all, 136 seats in parliament.

138 if you include Zul and Zahrain.

139 with Ibrahim Ali.

1 less than what the BN government has now!

So how to amend the constitution and make this an Islamic state and impose hudud, lah, Harun Taib?

How, lah, MCA?

What if PAS increases its number of seats in parliament at the 13th GE, some of you might ask.

Well, for every additional seat PAS win, chalk it down as a loss for UMNO.

Their combined total will not, therefore, differ significantly.

As things stand, we have no reason to fret about hudud being implemented post the 13th GE”.

We at the ABU secretariat have checked in blogosphere and cannot find any other rebuttal to the MCA hudud spin.

If any of you have come across any that you think might be worth viraling out, please email the same to me at so that I can relay the same to the Media Monitoring Team.

The Counter Propaganda Team is working to generate material to rebut this hudud scare, but it will probably not be ready in time for this coming long Raya Haji weekend, when many of you will balik kampung.

My analysis, reproduced above, has been translated into Mandarin with a view to it being used to counter MCA’s hudud lie by printing the same and taking them out to the Chinese in the smaller towns and villages.

Clicking the image of Soi Lek above will take you to a PDF copy of that translation, linked in the ABU website, under our BALIK KAMPUNG BAWA BERITA BENAR segment.

Please people, just commenting here and elsewhere on this issue will not help to counter the spin where it might impact the most.

Please help us out here.

Print as many copies as you can and take them with you as you head back to your respective home towns for the weekend holiday and distribute them to all the Chinese you meet.

Take time out to explain to them what MCA is really doing.

And them get them to also share the message with the other local Chinese.

We cannot counter this spin without your help