ABU Ops Raya Haji underway and one more ABU billboard out there

Posted on October 24, 2012


Last 3 days, ABU material was delivered north through to the  south and east to ground operators.

The push to take the material into Malay homes in the heartlands is already underway.

We’ve asked the operators, where possible, to let us have photos, especially of any ABU sticker and stencilling blitz.

Friday, an ABU Black Ops kicks off.

I won’t say anymore on this for now.

Over the weekend, someone contacted me on Facebook.

He and his friends were going to balik kampung and he wanted to know how they could get their hands on our Mengapa Harga Barang Naik? pamphlet to distribute in their kampung and two others close by, and how much it would cost.

After making some inquiries, it became clear that none of them had any full-time jobs.

After explaining how the secretariat worked out the number of pamphlets for any particular area and working out how many they would need, I asked him to come round to the office to pick up a supply of  the pamphlets, stickers and a few stencils, and asked that he email me photos of their creativity.

The first batch of photos just came in.


That’s not the only thing that came into the secretariat tonight.

ABU’s latest billboard, Dave, walked in and purchased his ABU T-shirt.

Who’s next?