Want to be an ABU billboard? Get an ABU T-shirt now

Posted on October 24, 2012


I got myself 7 t-shirts yesterday.

4 black, and 3 yellow.

For every day of the week.

That’s right.

This is going to be my daily attire everyday until we take Putrajaya.

It’s a sure conversation starter.

It led to one for me at lunch time today at the mamak stall a little while ago.

And once the conversation starts, it paves the way for you to pull out any ABU literature you have with you to pass on.

Sizes from S – XXXL.

They are RM15/= each.

RM3/+ more for packing and postage if you want it delivered to you.

I’ll be carrying some stock in my car, so if you see me anywhere and want to get yourself an ABU t-shirt, you know what to do.

Otherwise, pending the creation of the merchandising link at the ABU website, I’ve created an ABU T-shirts and Merchandise Page and you get there by clicking the ABU Mercandise Shop banner  in the side bar here, that has all the details to help you make your purchase.

The supplier has given us a good price, so every T-shirt purchased adds to the ABU War Fund.

And yes, we will  have all merchandise sales audited too.

As always, we’ll be transparent with you.