Is Labuan now ready to be ABUed?

Posted on November 1, 2012


Ever since Musa Aman ordered that I not be allowed to enter Sabah last December, I have been going to Labuan, using the latter as my base to continue with work that had been started in Sabah.

With each visit to Labuan, my ties with the local opposition leaders, especially from PKR and DAP, grew stronger.

And my work on the ground in Labuan left me very clear about one thing.

Labuan was very, very ABUable.

Provided that PAS makes way for a Malay candidate from PKR.

I have written about this previously HERE  , HERE and HERE and will not repeat myself.

Local leaders in Labuan have been badgering me to kick off the ABU campaign in Labuan.

My response has, up to now, been that if Pakatan want us, the rakyat, to commit ourselves and our resources to ABUing the nation, let them take the lead by their component parties themselves putting aside party interest and giving priority to pitting the candidate with the best chance of toppling BN in every constituency.

In the context of Labuan, this has to mean PAS making way for a PKR Malay candidate.

On 15th September, I flew into Labuan as I had been alerted that many Pakatan leaders would be descending there that same day for a ceramah and to announce one more defection from UMNO Sabah to PKR.

This cross over, I had been informed, was strongly tipped to be offered as the candidate to take on BN for the Labuan parliamentary seat come the 13th GE.

For the many out there who seem to be under the impression that Pakatan and ABU do not see eye to eye, I will let these photos speak for themselves.

Ansari was the first PKR leader I met up with that morning. It was our first ever meeting and the almost 1 hour discussion was most informative

I joined the local DAP and PKR leaders at the Labuan airport to receive the Pakatan national leaders

Also at the airport, from left : local PKR man Elis, Tan Sri Kadir, Labuan PAS chief Haji Amir, and Sabah PKR Chief Thamrin

Azmin and local PKR leaders

Later, at the ceramah attended by about 2000 people, it was the short speech of Tan Sri Kadir, in the presence of PAS’s Hatta Ramli and DAP’s Tan Seng Giaw and the top guns from PKR, that strongly hinted that the newest kid on the PKR block who was about to be unveiled that afternoon, would contest in Labuan.

The man?

Tan Sri Ibrahim Menudin.

If you want to know a bit more about Ibrahim and his decision to quit UMNO, click on the last photo below.

Last Friday, I flew into Labuan again.

To attend a wedding of the daughter of one of the local PKR leaders, to attend Ibrahim Menudin’s Raya Haji open house, and to keep my promise given to the local leaders at the end of my last visit in September.

More on that promise and my latest trip to Labuan in my next post, later today.