…and that is why ABU is understood by all to mean Asalkan Bukan UMNO / BN

Posted on November 6, 2012


“What ABU! ABU bullshit! You make it appear like everything wrong with Malaysia is the fault of Umno, the Malays or the Muslims. Everything bad that happens in the country is the fault of Umno, the Malays and the Muslims.

Yes, Umno all on its own and with merely a few seats in Parliament that cannot even give them a simple majority in Parliament is to blame for everything that is wrong with Malaysia. Blame Umno. Blame the Malays. Blame the Muslims. The non-Malays and the non-Muslims are not to blame. The non-Malays and the non-Muslims have nothing to do with this” – RPK, in his “And whose fault is this?” post.

In a recent interview by Malaysiakini, I was asked this question :

The discourse normally revolves around how Umno has divided this country along racial/religious lines. What role (if any) do you think the non-Malays have played in maintaining those lines?

My response?

“Umno could not have done it on its own.

Post the advent of BN in place of the Alliance, MCA, MIC and all the other component parties in BN, including those in Sabah and Sarawak, have played a supporting role.

If nothing else, their leaders looked the other way as Umno weaved its race-based politics into the fabric of the nation, and partook of the looting of the national wealth whilst this was going on”.

You will note that even as the question that was put to me hinged on the role, if any, of the non-Malays, in sustaining UMNO’s ‘divide the nation along racial lines’ regime, my response did not.

And in a post here early last month, responding to a suggestion on Facebook, I put forth, somewhat crudely, I confess, the case for ABU.

“Think of BN as a swine.

UMNO is the heart of the swine whilst MCA is the swine’s arsehole.

Inflict a fatal blow to the heart of the swine, and the arsehole dies with the rest of the swine.

Hence ABU kills the swine in toto”.

So, no, at ABU, we do not  think UMNO as the only reason for the dire state of the nation.

BN is.

But UMNO is at the heart of it.

We fault the Malays and Muslims, along with UMNO?

Do you find such contentions in ABU literature, or instigated at ABU ceramah?


Such contentions are in fact the the discourse of those who, today, think ABU is bullshit and work to keep the people divided.

ABU strives to make the people one.