ABU riddle : What to do if you are in Melaka and have time on your hands?

Posted on November 17, 2012


Got into Melaka lunch time on the 13th, well ahead of the ceramah slated to start at 9pm that night.

Had lunch with the gang and this gorgeous cutie pie.

Lunch was done by 3pm. 6 more hours to ceramah. What to do?

ABU GRAFFITI, of course!

Do it properly, though.

At least let your adversary know that you are in town.

Let them know you have arrived.

And so we did.

We announced to Ali Rustam and UMNO that we were in town.

Somebody decided to try something new that day.

Road graffiti!

For those of you thinking of trying this, use white or yellow paint. Stands out.

And then it was downtown at the Hang Tuah Mall and the surrounding vicinity.