Get real, RPK

Posted on November 17, 2012


By Singa Terhormat


RPK in his blog under the heading “The Malays must wake up konon” of 11th November, 2012 blames the non-Malays for Mahathir not being ousted in 1990. What crap! What utter rubbish!

In the run up to the 1990 general election, DAP and PBS had joined forces with Semangat 46 and PAS to oppose Barisan Nasional. Does  RPK assert that DAP and PBS are Malay parties?

Whilst the general consensus then was that BN would still pull through in the general election, it was hoped that enough of a dent would be made in BN’s majority to cause Mahathir to step down. What eventually happened however was otherwise. BN won with a large majority nationwide except for Kelantan where PAS and Semangat 46 made a complete sweep.

So did the non-Malays let down the nation then?

In the few days running up to polling date the national media (TV, newspapers etc) launched the BN propaganda that Razaleigh was selling out the country to the Christians.

DAP Komtar State Assemblyman Ng Wei Aik, as reported in best describes it thus:

“During the 1990 general election, the aura of a ‘Christian takeover’ was played in order to discredit Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, then from Semangat 46. A picture of him wearing a Kadazan headgear that featured a crucifix symbol was distributed and helped BN, then under Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, to win a strong majority.” 

BN also widely copied and distributed a forged letter purportedly from the Pope addressed to the leader of PBS, Joseph Pairin Kitingan, congratulating him on his efforts to Christianise Malaysia.

RTM then went into overdrive, daily broadcasting and telecasting interviews with Malays who all condemned Razaleigh and his political partners for betraying Islam and the Muslims.

The Malays panicked and fell for the pack of lies and within a matter of days large numbers of them switched their support to BN. Kelantan remained unaffected as most Kelantanese rarely then read the newspapers nor watched TV. Hence the Malays in Kelantan remained steadfast in their support of the Opposition whilst the majority of Malays in the rest of the country switched their support to BN.

The assertion by RPK therefore that it were the non-Malays that were responsible for the lost opportunity to unseat Mahathir cannot be more wrong. It were the Malays that abandoned the Opposition at the last minute.

Be sure that BN will play the same tricks again in the run up to the 13thGE. Anwar, DAP and their East Malaysian partners will be accused of undermining Islam and Muslims. Be warned! And if it works again, it wont be the non-Malays that sell out.

As for RPK’s assertion that MCA and other non-Malay parties sold out by admitting UMNO Baru into BN, did they have any choice in the matter? Were the army and police not then under the control of the Malays? Did RPK expect the nation not to be up in flames if MCA etc then sought to seize power? What utter nonsense RPK comes up with.

Get real RPK. And is it not about time that you stop seeing things in purely racial lines? The rakyat has moved on and matured in that respect. Is it not about time that you did too? And about time too that you put an end to your useless ‘spinning’ of what actually transpired.

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