And the hospital with the fly-friendly cafeteria is…

Posted on November 19, 2012


… hereby provisionally certified as fly-free.

This morning, I was supposed to go fasting for my routine check up, blood test and all, at the usual private hospital that I have been going to for the last year or so.

I decided to defer that check up until after I had checked up on the cafeteria in that hospital to see if they had taken any further steps to rectify the problem of flies since my last two visits there.

You will recall that on 20th September, I had shared with you how the cafeteria in that hospital was most hospitable to flies. You can read that report HERE .

The hospital management had then assured me that they would take steps to remedy the situation.

Then on 8th October, having earlier received a call from a hospital administration staff to say that the problem had been addressed, I dropped in at the hospital in the afternoon, to see for myself.

Not satisfactory. You can read my post on that visit HERE.

Told the staff in question they had one more month to rectify the problem or I would name them here and write to the authorities.

Dropped in at the cafeteria again this afternoon, ordered a Teh Si O, and sat in the cafeteria for a good 1/2 hour.

No flies.

Not one, as far as I could tell.

They’ve added another 2 electronic insect zappers ( yes, I recall criticism about these from a commentator ).

I also noticed that tables were cleared up as soon as customers finished and left, unlike previously, when it took as long as 20 minutes for this to be done.

Credit when it is due.

I saw the same supervisor there from my previous two visits, as I was leaving.

“Well done”, I told her.

I’ve re-scheduled my check up for next week.

Why only provisionally certified fly-free?

Well, I’m putting this hospital on permanent probation, in so far as this issue goes.

Its their bad luck that I have to be there every two months for my check ups, and if on any of my visits there, I find that the flies are back, I’ll name them here and write to the authorities.