Get up from the wheelchair of fear and Walk! Join The Green Walk Now!

Posted on November 22, 2012


Green marchers making their way from Kuantan to KL. Photo courtesy of MKini

Even as the Green Marchers are on their final segment of their walk from Kuantan to KL, in the stealth of night, almost 100 containers of rare earth docked at the Kuantan port last night,

Transportation of the containers to the plant started after 1am this morning under police escort and was still ongoing as at 8am this morning.

Lynas issued the following statement this morning :

…”approximately 100 containers of rare earths concentrate have now arrived in Kuantan, and that a significant portion of those containers are now at the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (Lamp)…Lynas expects that first feed to kiln and commencement of operations at the Lamp will occur over the coming days”.

Malaysiakini has the story HERE.


Saturday 24/11, 7.00am pagi Taman Rimba:
Last leg before the Green Walk enters the concrete jungle of KL:
the Green Walk will start off from Saturday 7.00pm Taman Rimba along the old federal road from Bentong to Gombak. You can drive your car to follow the buses  departing from Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall at 6.30 am to Taman Rimba. All buses are full. no more buses will be booked since it is not possible to do it at this late stage.

Saturday 24/11, 2.00pm Gombak/UIA ( near Gombak toll ):
The Green Walk enters Kuala Lumpur here. Big welcoming party and Press conference to be held. Bring your voices and music! Selangor NGOs will come. Political parties and MPs will come. You can lead the Green Walkeers into the city here!

Saturday 24/11, 9.00pm malamTaman Melewar, Markas Tarbiah PAS:
Ceramah by Anwar Ibrahim and Mat Sabu.

Sunday 25/11, 8.00am pagi Taman Melewar, Markas Tarbiah PAS:
Green Walkers start off to Kampong Railway in Sentul.

Sunday 25/11, lunch hours:
Stop at Kuil Kampong Railway, Sentul

Sunday 25/11, 4.00pm petang Dataran Merdeka:
We Are Here!
Bring your music and cheers!
Green Walkers will camp here. Come in numbers.
Dato Bandar Kuala Lumpur is waiting for you!


Monday 26/11, 9.00am pagi Dataran Merdeka:
PM Najib and all MPs invited to join the Green Walk to receive The Green Demands. The wakil rakyat come to the rakyat this time! The Rakyat will crawl to Parliament no more!

Come to walk proud! Come to walk brave!
Get up from the wheelchair of fear and Walk!