The Mastermind

Posted on December 1, 2012




By Singa Terhormat


Deepak Jaikishan now says that Najib’s family engineered P.I. Bala’s second SDto save Najib’s “skin”.

Deepak quite obviously chose to make this declaration to coincide with the UMNO General Assembly.

About the same time ex-IGP, Musa Hassan, stated that amongst others, Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, habitually and unlawfully interfered with police investigations.


Not by any chance.

Not in Malaysian politics.

Who was the mastermind behind these revelations?

One reliable way to unravel the mystery is by ascertaining who stands to benefit from it all.

And often in examining the evidence the obvious is not necessarilly right.

One must not overlook the tale of the little boy that threw the stone and hid his hand behind his back.

That’s how an astute politician would do it anyway.

The revelations quite definitely were designed to embarrass and possibly cause the downfall of the cousins, Najib and Hisham, in time before the General Election.

Who would want to do that?


What would he stand to gain from it?

Revenge for failed contracts?


That would not restore those contracts anyway.

And surely he knows the risk of earning the wrath of the powers that be.

Would he risk a fate akin to that of Altantuya’s ?

No way. Not unless he had iron-clad assurances for his own safety.

Now who could give him such assurances?

Pakatan? Anwar?

Sheesh, Anwar could not even save himself from that “black eye”.

As Deepak now states, there were 2 parties “gunning for” Najib – Pakatan and a group within UMNO itself.

Pakatan cannot ensure Deepak’s safety to make him “sing” and so we have to conclude that it is that group within UMNO that Deepak spoke of.

Now who can that be?

Who would stand to benefit?

Why would they want to be rid of Najib when they are from the same party?

Who would benefit?


Mahathir and Mukhriz?

All of them together?

They are the obvious ones.

And quite obviously they view Najib as a liability to Barisan Nasional with all the scandals associated with him and with the Scorpene case making progress in France.

Removing Najib may also pull the rug from under Pakatan as the main object of their “gunfire” for the last several years had been trained on Najib.

And Rosmah.

With them gone, the main object of derision of the electorate would disappear.

Najib in fact is one of Pakatan’s biggest assets for the election.

With him gone, Barisan Nasional’s chances would brighten.

A brilliant plan!

We must not lose sight of the fact though that P.I. Bala went to Pakatan, not  Muhyuddin, Mahathir and Mukhriz with his first SD.

Also the fact that Deepak was represented in Court in his claim against Raja Ropeeah by Sivarasa and Surendran, both PKR hotshots, and not lawyers who would do any UMNO’s faction’s bidding.

Deepak must have approached Pakatan about what he knew and what he was prepared to reveal.

But why Pakatan when he knows they cannot ensure his safety?

Just like that little boy who threw a stone and hid his hand, some mastermind in UMNO, after ensuring P.I. Bala’s and Deepak’s safety, got them to approach Pakatan, knowing Pakatan would gleefully publicise the matter whilst the hand/s of the mastermind would remain hidden.

And no one in UMNO can blame the mastermind for undermining the party whilst the mastermind achieve his/their ends.

Without perhaps realising it, Pakatan ended up doing the mastermind’s “dirty work”.

Now who in UMNO can come up with such a brilliant strategy?


Nah! He cannot even make a decent job of the Education Ministry and he would not dare on his own.


Nah! For sure he does not have what it takes.

That leaves us with none other than Mahathir.

His fingerprints are all over the whole episode.

And whilst getting rid of Najib, might as well get rid of Hisham too to pave the way for Mukhriz.

Hence we have Musa Hassan’s revelation about Hisham to also coincide with UMNO’s General Assembly.

There you have it—the mastertmind.