Ungodly UMNO handpicked by God?

Posted on December 1, 2012




By Singa Terhormat


As reported in Malaysiakini , UMNO YOUth’s Information Chief, Reezal Merican Naina Merican claimed that  “Umno is the party chosen by God to liberate the chosen land of Malaysia and to uplift the chosen race of the Malays,”. “Remember, we are mukhtarin, the chosen ones,” he told the Umno general assembly while debating the president’s address.

He went on to explain that God is the true authority over all governments and shall give power to those that He has chosen.

“The Malays before Umno, he claimed, were a race of people fragmented by sectarian identities amongst the subracial groups like those from Java, Banjars, Sabah Malays and Indian Muslims.” (Note how this Malay-wannabe quietly includes the Indian Muslims).

“It was the party, he claimed, which united the various Malay groups as one under Islam and the constitutional provision that defines everyone who is a Muslim, practices Malay customs and speaks the Malay language is a Malay.”

Is this guy for real?

Chosen by God, he says?


And Malays are the chosen race?

God told him so?

Even  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not claim that the Arabs are the chosen race!

And this nincompoop has the temerity to expound such nonsensical claims?

Whilst God Himself is aware of all that he  has to say?

Has he no fear of God?

And all on the basis, as he explains, that God is the true authority over all governments and shall give power to those that He has chosen.

God chose Hitler too?

Netanyahu too?

Marcos too?

Does he not understand that in Islam nothing happens without the permission of God but that God does not Himself choose to do such things?

Does he also mean to say that the Germans, the Israelis, the Filipinos and whoever else are the chosen people?

Does this moron of a Malay-wannabe even understand Islam?

Does he not know that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did  away with tribalism and that Islam abhors racism?

Why does he feel the need to abandon his ancestry and imagine himself a Malay?

For worldly gains?

To play to the gallery hoping to become a YB?

Just because someone in the past of Keralite descent hoodwinked the Malays and got away with it?

If by any stretch of the imagination Malays can be considered the chosen race, does Reezal not know he has no part amongst them?

Does not names like “Merican” and “Naina” give the game away, Reezal?

Does he hope to convince God of his changed ancestry by quoting the Federal Constitution to God?

And he is a leader of UMNO Youth?

Are they so bereft of members with any measure of intelligence?

And of integrity?

And what do we make of Sharizat? She claimed  that God will be with Utusan Malaysia, as reported in  Utusan Malaysia’s own website  .

It is reported that she said :

“Percayalah, pada akhirnya Tuhan akan bersama Utusan”.

Really Shahizat? God told you that?

During one of your record-breaking 3 umrahs in 2 months early this year?

Or did you hear that from one of the cows at NFC?

What does the Holy Qur’an say about those who falsely abscribe things to God?

In Surah Az Zumar verse 60 its interpretation reads:

” And on the Day of Resurrection thou (Muhammad) seest those who lied concerning Allah with their faces blackened. Is not the home of the scorners in hell ?”

Another umrah, Shahrizat? Take Reezal with you this time.