God’s chosen ones to deliver the Malays? What, to hell?

Posted on December 2, 2012


many-colours-one-dreamABU_logo_BMandBI_slashEven as we all looked in disbelief at the sheer stupidity of the claims by UMNO’s Reezal Merican that ”Umno is the party chosen by God to liberate the chosen land of Malaysia and to uplift the chosen race of the Malays”, be clear about this.

You, who are reading this now, and I, are not the targeted audience.

Neither was Sharizat’s deliberate play on the spectre of May 13 resurrecting should Pakatan come to power post the 13th GE, and the loss of Malay political power meant to win us over.

They were laying out fodder for Utusan and the BN-controlled TV and radio channels to take these fear-mongering messages out to the Malay heartlands.

80% of the nation are feeling the impact of the price increase of  the daily essentials.

40% of the nation now live in abject poverty.

Of these, the majority are Malays.

Against this, on a daily basis, we are feted to revelation upon revelation of the excesses of the UMNO / BN leaders and their cronies.

The mainstream media goes to great lengths to make sure that news of this never reaches the heartlands.

Instead, the mainstream media, led by Utusan and TV3 will, from now until we go to the polls, whenever that may be, again and again ride on these statements to deliver lies into the homes of the pakciks and makciks in the kampungs.

That UMNO is the champion of the Malays.

That a vote for Pakatan is to conndemn the Malays into economic and political obscurity.

These messages will, on a daily basis, morning, noon and night, be carried into homes which are unlikely to have internet access and hence may never discover the truth as we know it.

That UMNO is leading the Malays to eternal damnation and hell.

If we do not counter these media lies, do not be surprised if they impact upon the pakcik and makcik to give UMNO  just enough to hold on to Putrajaya.

ABU’s Counter Propaganda Team is working to bring out material to take into these Malay homes in the heartlands in the hope of getting them to see through the media lies.

Last year, we launched a documentary, DNBN Kuburkan BN di PRU13.

It’s lengthy, yes, but after distributing over 100,000 copies, feedback has been that the contents were useful in getting the kampung folk to see UMNO for what it really is.

Three key messages are carried in that documentary.

First, that UMNO’s ketuanan Melayu offends and has no place in Islam.

Second, contrary to their claims, UMNO was not the driving force to secure independence from the British.

Third, rather than alleviating the plight of the impoverished, UMNO, whilst holding itself out as reaching out to help the Malays, has robbed and pillaged the national wealth and, when it has felt its hold on power threatened, has resorted to pitting the Malays against the other communities, thus ensuring it retains power by a continuance of its divide and rule policy.

Subject to the availability of funds, ABU will be producing a new batch of DVDs of that documentary for distribution to the kampungs.

You, too, can do your part.

The 6 video clips making up that documentary are all hosted on Youtube and are now linked below.

You can download the whole lot, and burn them on DVDs and get them to friends and relatives in the kampungs the next time you are going back home.