Muhammad Azman has been doing his share of taking the ABU message to ground. What about you?

Posted on December 3, 2012


many-colours-one-dreamABU_logo_BMandBI_slashThis  was sent in by Muhammad Azman as a comment to a post.

Another has come in and, it seems, another is on its way.

I’m reproducing it here, with the most minimal of editing, in the hope  that it inspires all of us to each do our little bit in this war to rid this nation of the UMNO / BN scourge.

Look out for the second and third.

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Folks, I give you Muhammad Azman’s ABU adventure.


Below is the actual transcripts of discussion between 1. restaurant owner (urban dweller and well educated) and myself.

1. While waiting for food order to be prepared, I called out to the owner: Bang ada masa tak? Nak bincang sikit. I am free, and he sat opposite me. Bang nak tanya sikit, rasanya siapa akan menang pilihanraya akan datang? BN was his reply.

Kenapa abang kata macam itu? Who else is better in running the country, was his reply. Betul bang, hospital kita boleh kata cun, education pula not so bad, leaning more on the positive side, country’s infrastructure pun boleh guna pakai. Overall not bad. I replied.

But bang, lets ponder on the following. What do you think about coruption at cabinet level? His reply was something like this, I think Between BN and PR, the margin are not that wide. Even if PR were to rule, corruption among politicians will remain the same. Since it is going to be the same, I will go for experience, so I choose BN.

Ok bang, you are quite right on that. Remember this, I am not here after being paid by PR, like the UMNO cybertroopers canvassing for support. In fact I am a member of UMNO. But today I will do my best, to see wether I can convince you to change your political alliance.

Between the country’s interest and personal interest, which do you think will influence you to vote whom? I am settle down. I am not dependent on handouts for a living. Surely country’s interest comes first, was his reply. Thank you very much bang for saying that, I replied.

Assuming MACC and the Election Commission were to be placed under Dewan Rakyat jurisdiction, will this be good for the country or otherwise. And his reply was, Bro, this two entity must come under Dewan Rakyat. This is probably the only way for this country to come out of this viciuos cycle of cabinet level corruption. I for one will vote for whoever can promise that.

Thank you bang for putting country’s interest first, bang. Now ponder on the following, between BN and PR, who do you think will be able to fulfill that dream of all Malaysians. Silence was evident.

Ok bang, if I say it is in PR manifesto commits that this two bodies will be placed under Dewan Rakyat jurisdiction if PR were to be in power, will you reconsider your voting choice? Again there was more silence. I continued, bang saya tak percaya negara akan jadi kucar kacir jika ada perubahan dalam parti pemerintah Malaysia esok. Rakyat Malaysia kini berpendidikan dan cukup matang untuk tidak bertindak secara bodoh. Saya pasti Malaysia akan tetap aman, bila kita menukar BN dengan PR.

Bagi saya masa depan anak-anak Malaysia adalah paling utama. Jika Malaysia nak selamat, korupsi perlu dibasmikan sebanyak mana boleh, terutamanya dikalangan menteri.

And at that point, my food (ta pau) was delivered. After paying the bill, salam was exchanged and I left the restaurant. When just about to get into my car, a voice was heard saying the following, ” I will think seriously on what you said tadi. Thank you”. I smiled and left.

I believe those who really wan’t to save our country, please go out there and campaign on PRs’ behalf and ensure that votes are delivered when it matters most, ie. PRU 13. Let all of us assume this as God given last opportunity to change the country’s direction. Lets do it for our future generation, for they will not forgive us if we were to leave behind a pile of dirt for them to clean up.

Enough. Change. ABU