The ABU Art of War

Posted on December 7, 2012




So that we are not at cross-purposes, let me first explain what we in the ABU secretariat mean by winning the ABU war.

The focus of ABU is not the state governments.

Our focus is Putrajaya.

Winning the ABU war therefore means winning the battle to establish a new regime at Putrajaya post the 13th GE.

There are three parts to this ABU war.

Winning the ABU war means, firstly, ensuring that Pakatan Rakyat, PSM, PRM, STAR Sabah and SAPP, who must, by the time parliament is dissolved, have forged a firm and unshakeable election pact with a view to forming the next federal government, collectively garner at least 112 out of the 222 parliamentary seats post the 13th GE.

Secondly, having denied UMNO /BN the requisite number of seats to enable them to seek an audience with the king with a view to having one of their own appointed prime minister and to form the federal government, the ABU war, at that stage, entails ensuring that the none of the newly elected MPs on the non-BN side get seduced and enticed to hop, skip and leap frog to the enemy camp.

Finally, the ABU war requires us to address the possibility of violence or unrest that UMNO /BN may try to perpetrate with a view to derailing our aspirations of establishing a new regime at Putrajaya.

I’ll call these three parts Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 for ease of reference.

Phase 1 entails work from this very moment running up to and including on polling day.

Phases 2 and 3 entails work post polling day, but the preparation of which, too, has already commenced and will continue up and until polling day.

Phase 1 in itself entails 3 parts, which we will share with you in my next 3 postings. Please do not expect too much detail, though, for obvious reasons.

For now, we will share nothing of Phase 2.

As for Phase 3, again, and for the moment, we will only share with you what you all can do, starting now, and no other details.