ABU War Phase 1 Part 2: Neutralising the mainstream media lies and taking the truth to the rakyat

Posted on December 10, 2012




I said this last week in a post here :

“…on a daily basis, we are feted to revelation upon revelation of the excesses of the UMNO / BN leaders and their cronies.

The mainstream media goes to great lengths to make sure that news of this never reaches the heartlands.

Instead, the mainstream media, led by Utusan and TV3 will, from now until we go to the polls, whenever that may be, again and again ride on these statements to deliver lies into the homes of the pakciks and makciks in the kampungs.

That UMNO is the champion of the Malays.

That a vote for Pakatan is to conndemn the Malays into economic and political obscurity.

These messages will, on a daily basis, morning, noon and night, be carried into homes which are unlikely to have internet access and hence may never discover the truth as we know it.

That UMNO is leading the Malays to eternal damnation and hell.

If we do not counter these media lies, do not be surprised if they impact upon the pakcik and makcik to give UMNO  just enough to hold on to Putrajaya”.


In this part of the ABU War, we do not operate in all 222 parliamentary constituencies.

As I said in an earlier post, we are focused on the vulnerable BN seats that can be taken and the vulnerable opposition seats that need to be defended.

I am not going to state the actual number of constituencies here other than to say the numbers are significantly more than just 1, but nowhere near the full number of 222.

colorful-triangle-auto-shape-free-clipartaThe diagram depicts the economic state of the population in just about every constituency in the country, including those where ABU is operating.

Let me state from the outset that, in this part of  the war, we are not wasting any of our resources on those who fall into the top 10% bracket.

As for the middle class, we feel that outreach to this group has to be through the variety of social media tools at our disposal.

Using the materials that are produced by our Counter Propaganda Team.

ABU has its own cyber team, but this effort requires the involvement of each and everyone of you who shares in the ABU cause.

Let me briefly explain.

Our Media Monitoring Team keeps watch of the lies being spun daily by the mainstream media.

This information is then analysed, the worst possible spin identified and is then relayed to the Counter Propaganda Team.

The Counter Propaganda Team then crafts material to refute the mainstream media lies, and this in turn is forwarded to our media and graphics team that puts it together as either flyers or pamphlets, or even CDs.

To-date, we’ve released and distributed the DNBN Kuburkan BN DVD, the Mengapa Harga Barang Naik? pamphlet and the Pesanan Tulus Ikhlas Kepada Anggota Keselamatan flyer.

And we’ve asked each of you to download these and do your part to distribute them to your own family and friends.

Please understand that the hard copies of all material and CDs / DVDs are meant for distribution to the 50% poorest in each constituency given that most of them do not have access to the internet.

As such, to get these same material to the undecided amongst the middle class, we need to resort to the internet.

This is where your help is invaluable. Either download and distribute, or viral it to your various networks online and get them to do the same.

The CPT has a series of documents in the pipeline to counter the mainstream media lies. One should be out later this month.

The others, we hope, by early January, next year.

Remember our SEAT?

The Strategic Evaluation and Advancement Team?

They should have material for our media team in early January that will then put together a powerful document for dissemination.

The ABU secretariat will liaise with our ground operators in all the constituencies that we are working in to get these material to the bottom 50% of the people in each of those constituencies.

From the date parliament is dissolved up to polling day, we will be getting daily updates to voters on the ground through a system that has been developed by our Black Ops 1 team.

Additionally, we will then need volunteers to head out to specific areas in the constituencies we are operating in to meet voters face-to-face to share with them the ABU message. More on this at a later.