The Mastermind – An Update

Posted on December 14, 2012



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A couple of days ago, on 11th December, 2012 to be exact, it was reported in Malaysiakini that Mahathir, rather strangely, openly stated that he is satisfied with Najib’s performance as Prime Minister.

“Whether he’s my nominee or somebody else, I will campaign if somebody does not perform and in my view, Pak Lah didn’t perform,”, Mahathir said.

Asked whether his answer meant that he was satisfied with Najib’s performance, he responded, “yes, I’m satisfied”.

(Note: What exactly Mahathir means by the Prime Minister being someone’s nominee is in itself alarming and telling, but thats something for another day.)

Seemingly this was in total contradiction to stories abounding that Mahathir together with Muhyiddin and Mukhriz had ganged up on Najib and were seeking to “do him in” at the right time.

What was even more strange, nay astounding, was Mahathir coming out in Rosmah’s defence on the same day stating that she had every right to be as high-profile as she so determines.

“The Prime Minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, has the right to have as high a profile as she likes”, Dr. Mahathir is reported to have said, according to a Malaysiakini report.

Now everyone who has kept a ear to the ground knows the distaste that Mahathir harbours for her.

So what is happening?

A deal made between Najib and Mahathir?

The following day, on 12th December, 2012, Deepak came out with “all guns blazing”, stating that he will shortly publish two books, including a 26-page booklet to be launched next Monday detailing all he knows about Rosmah’s role in the murder of Altantuya and the silencing of P.I. Bala through the second statutory declaration. Malaysiakini has the report HERE.

The report states:

“Controversial businessperson Deepak Jaikishan is going to write a 26-page tell-all booklet in which he plans to link the wife of the prime minister, Rosmah Mansor, with the saga of murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaaribuu.”

One day later, on 13th December, 2012, Deepak came out with further revelations, stating that Nazim, Najib’s brother, was the one he met and who paid off P.I.Bala. Malaysiakini has the report HERE.

Remember the story about the little boy who throws the stone and hides his hand?

treachery-stab-in-backNajib should remember that you do not need to fear your enemy as much as your ‘friend’ who suddenly starts flattering you and acting overly pally with you.

He may have been a young man then, but surely he remembers scenes of the old man hugging Musa Hitam and declaring them to be the best of buddies shortly before….well, thats history.

The same thing happened to Anwar too.

Najib, beware the bearer of glad tidings.