Who is the Tan Sri lawyer who drew up SD2?

Posted on December 14, 2012



You all, I am sure, have already viewed the latest video clip of the continuing revelation by Deepak.

7 minutes and 40 seconds into the video, Deepak mentions the name of the lawyer who drafted the second statutory declaration that P.I Bala subsequently affirmed, thus contradicting the earlier statutory declaration.

Unfortunately, PAS TV has seen it fit to delete the sound track from that portion of the video clip, even as other names mentioned were not similarly deleted.

Bala has previously since confirmed that he never instructed any lawyer in the matter of the contents of the second statutory declaration, the contents of which Bala has also now refuted.

Deepak’s version of events would confirm Bala’s contention.

Which means the lawyer who authored the second statutory declaration has committed the gravest of sins.

I have received confirmation from 3 independent and reliable sources as to who this scumbag is.

Those who were at the Deepak interview when the video above was shot would also be privy to the identity of the lawyer mentioned by Deepak, as would those who made the decision to edit the name out of the sound track.

And Deepak, too, would know.

Will the Bar Council launch an investigation to ascertain the truth?

evil-lawyerAIn the image above, in red, I have reproduced all the letters that make up the name of that scumbag, duly scrambled.

I will write to the Bar Council to ask if they will launch an investigation into this sordid affair.

If I do not, within 14 days of my letter, receive a reply in the affirmative, I will name the scumbag in this blog and invite him to take the matter to court.

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