Why now, Oh Musa, why now? Err, ask Rockybru, Sham?

Posted on December 14, 2012




Whilst on the one hand castigating Musa Hassan’s allegation of ministerial interference in the police force during his tenure as IGP as a big lie, Home Minister Hishammuddin seems more taken up with the timing of these revelations by the ex-IGP.

“The most important thing is that we need to look forward in a constructive way. What was said about the interference happened during the former IGP’s time and I was also the minister then. So, why raise the issue only now?. Malaysiakini reports Hisham as saying.

I got the following email yesterday.

“Bro, pc musa hassan pd 10hb disember bermula lepas pukul 2 petang. Tapi rockbru dah blog pasalnya pukul 1.23 petang. Pelik, kan?”.

He also attached a screenshot of the time stamp of Rockybru’s post in question.

1_32pm Rocky-Bru on Robert PhangClick on the screen shot and it will take you to the post in question.

Yes, the time stamp is indeed 1.23pm.

I checked with 2 reporters who were present at the press conference referred to in the email above as well as in Rockybru’s post.

Both confirmed that the press conference commenced after 2.30pm.

One of them offered another interesting bit of info : a prominent Indian connected to Dr M was seen lurking around the press conference venue.

So, on the face of it, at least, Rockybru blogs about a press conference that hasn’t yet happened.

Well, maybe he has a perfectly sane explanation.

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