Tis painful, dear ‘erick, I know, to learn, that all that glitters is not gold

Posted on December 21, 2012


many-colours-one-dreamAh, me friend from way Down Under,

Were ye not looking this way one summer,

When the people’s choice was rent asunder,

In the Silvery state by a mother @#$%er.

This knave you hold in high esteem,

Has two sides to him,maybe more, it would seem,

To the unsuspecting, he’s creme de la creme,

Yet the label on his vest reads ‘Rosmah’s team’.

Ah, behold, to his aid cometh the cavalry,

Thick as thieves, they will always be,

“Fear not, O Mighty One, they won’t get thee,

We’ll fob them off, fear not, Tan Sri”.


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