Same ole script, just different props and actors. If the robe fits, wear it!

Posted on December 22, 2012



If the script below bears startling resemblance to a conversation you were recently engaged in, it is purely coincidental, and is not intended as a reference to you.


Player 1 : Thank you for returning my call. There is this delicate matter that I have to bring up with you. As you may already know…

Player 2 : Ahem. Sorry to interrupt, but if you are going to be long on this delicate matter, whatever it might be, could I just run something else by your first? I actually called to speak to you about this.

Player 1 : Oh, sorry. Yes, please go ahead.

Player 2 : Could you check you diary and see if you are free on the 18th of next month? There’s a brief I would like to pass to you. It’s coming up before Ole Beady Eyes and he happened to mention to me the other day over tea that he is especially partial to you.

Player 1 : Oh, did he? That was nice of him. Give me a minute. I’m looking at my diary now. Ah, yes, I’m free.

Player 2 : Excellent. The usual retainer, I assume?

Player 1 : Yes, please.

Player 2 : Good. Let’s meet the client for lunch tomorrow, shall we?

Player 1 : Usual place? 12.30pm?

Player 2 : Yes. And I am playing a round of golf with Ole Beady Eyes this weekend. He  can’t play a decent game if his life depended on it, but he loves the massage after the game. Why don’t you join us?

Player 1 : Hehehehe. Done.

Player 2 : Now what was that delicate matter that you needed to speak to me about?

Player 1 : Errr, what delicate matter?

Player 2 : Good man.


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