Dear Pakatan leaders

Posted on December 27, 2012



We had asked you for an independent state government newspaper in the Malay language to combat the spin by the Malay mainstream media, especially to those in the Malay heartlands.

The Selangor government gave us the Selangor Times.

In English and Mandarin!

Never mind.

I am not writing to bitch about this today.

We’ll sort this out with you after we have kicked UMNO /BN out of Putrajaya.

Really, we will.

The 13th GE is, at best, 6 months away.

180 days.

When you account for the time spent sleeping and all the other mundane things we ordinary folk need to do in our daily lives like trying to eke a living and making ends meet, the average person who is prepared to give some of his or her time towards the ABU effort to kick UMNO / BN out of Putrajaya has, at most, 6 hours in the day to offer the ABU cause.

6 hours multiplied by 180 days = 1,080 hours

1,080 hours divided by 24 = 45 days.

If the elections are in June, next year, we have, effectively, 45 working days to get everything right to get rid of UMNO /BN.

And if it is in March, just halve that number.

22.5 days!

Yes, we haven’t much time, so, on behalf of a lot of people who are giving all of their time on the ground, trying to counter the mainstream media spin, I have a favour to ask.

In the next 45 working days ( 180 full days if you prefer ), can you please not make statements that you can see are plainly going to give the mainstream media fodder to spin, especially to the Malays in the heartlands?

We already have enough work on our plates without your adding to it.

Malaysiakini reports today that Anwar is calling for a meeting amongst yourselves to deal with the latest controversy.

Please, we do not need these.

Can you do this for us, please?