Ban Ellese? You decide

Posted on January 2, 2013




Got an email urging me to ban Ellese commenting here.

Frankly, I’d rather not.

I mean, yes, we all know he / she / it’s probably a paid trooper detailed to distract us from the real issues calling for our consideration.

But his / her / its “INSENSICAL” was absolutely priceless!

So I think let him /her / it stay, but maybe the way to deal with him / her / it is to just ignore any comment if its his / her / its usual crap.

If he /she / it comes up  with another gem much like “INSENSICAL”, we could always acknowledge our gratitude for this comic relief from the madness that grips the nation.

Meanwhile, Ellese, take this cue from me, please.

I’m tired of having to read through to moderate your lengthy comments.

Keep them short ( and I mean short ) and relevant to the post under comment.

If you can’t adhere to this, carry your comment in your own blog.

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