Yes, ABU and I are very partisan. We are pro-rakyat, and offer no apologies for being so

Posted on January 6, 2013




Late December, last year, a leader of an NGO approached me seeking my assistance in an initiative that was about to take off.

I said I would and asked if  they would, in turn, assist ABU in the dissemination of a soon-to-be released ABU publication. More on that publication tomorrow.

Yesterday, we got in touch with that leader to arrange for a meeting this coming week to discuss the distribution of that publication.

The response was short and sweet.

“We are non-partisan and cannot work with ABU”.

Last night, at the Chin Woo stadium, I  had a quick drink with a recent acquaintance.

He candidly shared with me that whilst he had since warmed up somewhat to the ABU initiative, having had the chance to get to know about the work we do and the rationale for the same from an earlier discussion with me, he too, previously, had some reservations about working with ABU.

I asked what it was that troubled him.

“ABU is very partisan, whereas we need to be fair to both sides”, was the reply.

“Both sides? You mean BN, on the one hand, and the opposition, on the other?”, I asked.

“Yes”, he replied.

“Isn’t there a third side, other than those two?”, I asked.

“Who?”, he asked.

“The rakyat”, I replied.

Yes, I am very partisan.

ABU, too, is very partisan.

We are very pro-rakyat.