ABU comic : Lao Tze vs. Chua Soi Lek

Posted on January 10, 2013




The creative juices in the ABU Counter Propaganda Team have  been flowing.

Remember the MCA spin to get the Chinese to fear voting for Pakatan by playing up the hudud and the Islamic state issue?

Well, ABU has come out with a little comic as an antidote to those MCA lies.

The PDF version, we hope, will be ready and uploaded today on the ABU website. I will alert you with another post once that PDF version has been uploaded onto the website.

Whilst we will be printing copies for distribution to areas identified, this is what I would like to ask of all of you.

As with our earlier publications, please download and print copies of the LT vs CSL comic and distribute to your Mandarin-speaking friends and relatives, especially those living in the villages and smaller towns.

For the benefit of those who do not read Mandarin who are minded to help us with the distribution of the comic, we will  also upload an English version of the comic so that you will know what you are distributing.

Please also help to viral the comic through your respective facebook accounts to your network of friends with a request that they download, make copies and distribute to friends and relatives.

ABU will also need volunteers to join us in making trips out to the Chinese villages to distribute copies of the comic.

If you are game, send us an email at abuvolunteers@gmail.com.