KL112 : A wake up call to the police

Posted on January 13, 2013




I guess old habits die hard.

Despite police assurances that the FRU, water cannons and tear gas canister launchers would not be deployed yesterday, I stopped of to buy rock salt before heading out to the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, the meeting point designated for those who wanted to join ABU at the rally yesterday.

The one photo I am posting here was nicked from Facebook. Thanks to whoever took the photo and posted it there.

Malaysiakini and FMT report 100,000 at the rally.

The police first said 80,000, then did a silly u-turn.

Arthur reckons that number would just account for those inside the stadium.

I think Arthur is right.


You judge for yourselves.

As it turned out, I did not need the rock salt.

Reports suggest PDRM only deployed 200 personnel to assist in getting people to the rally site.

Guess what?

BERSIH 2.0 also had Stadium Merdeka as the rally site.

It also drew about 150,000 people, which might be the number that attended yesterday’s rally.

And like yesterday, BERSIH 2.0 also had people streaming towards the stadium from various meeting points in the city.

Police and FRU personnel must take note that if yesterday’s was peaceful, BERSIH 2.0 also could have been just as peaceful.

So, too, the first BERSIH rally in 2007, the Hindraf rally and the numerous anti-ISA and other rallies.

Police and FRU personnel must ask themselves if they have not been misled thus far into believing that these rallies were a threat to peace and order.

They need to understand that the real threat to the welfare and well-being of the nation, including themselves and their families, is a regime that is on the throes of being removed and will stop at nothing to cling on to power.

Yes, old habits die hard.

As I moved about yesterday, I could not help pulling out ABU’s Pesanan Tulus Ikhlas Kepada Anggota Keselamatan and handing copies out to police personnel on duty.

Most accepted the same pleasantly.

From today, we  must step up efforts to send the same message to the police and military that went out to the police yesterday : we want to peacably bring about changes for the good of all. Join us to bring the UMNO / BN regime down.