Death in custody : Cheah Chin Lee

Posted on January 17, 2013




Press conference calling for justice for Cheah Chin Lee. Details appear below.

Date : 18th January, 2013

Time : 11am

Venue : Meeting Room 1, KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall


Cheah Chin Lee died on 13th August, 2012 in the Pulau Pinang Tanjong Tokong Police Station lock up.

The official cause of death proffered to the family is “asphyxia due to hanging”.

The police claim that Cheah had hanged himself.

The family vehemently denies that the deceased was suicidal nor had he any reasons to do so.

The deceased prior to his death was gainfully employed and does not have any criminal record.

The police claim that on the night of 12th August, 2012, Cheah had been caught red handed trying to steal a motorcycle.

Eventually after arrest he was brought to the Tanjong Tokong police station where his body was found hanging from the lock up grill at 5.30 am.

No one saw him hang himself though the police claims to have CCTV recordings of him doing it.

The solicitors for the deceased family had written to the courts in Penang on 21st September, 2012,, requesting for an inquest to be held as per the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The courts replied via a letter dated 25th September, 2012, informing that the Investigating Officer of the case had yet to inform the courts of the death.

The Solicitors had also written to the AG’s Chambers with the same request via their letter dated  21st September,2012.

Eventually The AG’s chambers had written a letter dated 1st November, 2012 to the solicitors informing that they are agreeable to an inquest being conducted in this case.

Despite repeated assurances by Penang police via its media statements and calls to the family there is no clear indication as to when and if at all the inquest is to be held to inquire into Cheah’s death.

The solicitors have been making calls to the AG’s chambers in Penang for any feedback as to when the inquest is going to be conducted. To date all calls have been given the standard “kalau ada tarikh mention nanti kita akan inform”.

The current stalemate is clearly in violation with the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code and the Pracice Direction of 2007.

The family of the deceased is calling for a press conference at 11 am tomorrow at the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Assembly Hall to highlight these issues.

Be there if you care for a better Malaysia in the future.

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