…errr, but is not Perkasa itself the biggest insult to Islam?

Posted on January 22, 2013




“Do take action on Perkasa, but first action must be taken against those who insult Islam” : Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hasan Syed Ali, as reported by FMT.

He was responding to the outcry for action to be taken against Ibrahim Ali for calling for  the burning of Malay translations of the Holy Bible that contains “Allah” in them.

And from the FMT report, he appears to have singled out Patrick Teoh for mention as having insulted Islam.

I called Patrick at the height of that controversy to say I had read his post and did not think it insulted Islam.

Naughty, yes, but not insulting of Islam.

I stand by what I had said to him.

“I have read through over 20,000 hadiths from the compilations of Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Daud, Tirmidhi and Ibn Madjah along with the Muwatta and the Sirah Ibn Ishaq to conjure up a man which a hadith says that the Prophet was so ‘shy’ and gentle that even a small slave girl can lead him.

This characteristic of gentleness is totally unheard off in the boisterous, rowdy and all man’s world of the Arabs. When the Prophet Muhammad stood on the fields of Ta’if with a bloodied and scarred body after being stoned by children and adults of the settlement, he still forbade the Angel Jibrail from taking any retribution and destroy the community. Why? For ‘I am sent as a Mercy to mankind’ said the Prophet.

When Aishah asked him ‘What was your greatest fear, O Rasulullah?’ He replied that he feared of giving in to his feeling of vengeance and destroying the community with a single command. The Prophet did not fear death or bodily harm. He feared giving in to his ego and vengeful feeling that all humanity possess.

I, therefore ask, who are we Malays then? Are we better than the Prophet? Look at our examples. The mufti and other higher authorities have INSTRUCTED, ORDERED and DECREED that non-Muslims MUST NOT use the word Allah. The PAS Syura Council that has all the so-called great Islamic scholars went round and round their wordings until settling on almost the same tone of instruction, order and decree.

Now we have the person of Ibrahim Ali calling on the burning of the Bible or the Injil. Unless I am mistaken, Allah called on all Muslims to honour the Books of Allah in the past and its PEOPLES. Yes… yes…we can argue about what book and which Bible that have been ‘tampered’ with and all that stuff but I have read the Bible in English and I, for one, found many enlightening things that Nabi Isa says that has helped me get closer to Allah The Most High.

I think I am honouring what the Qur’an says in Surah Al-Baqara to believe in the Books. I also read other books of our great religions that have given the first idea of humaneness to human civilisation” – Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi, published in Malaysiakini.

Measure the conduct of Ibrahim Ali now against this account of the gentle demeanour of Prophet Muhammad and then ask if PERKASA is not indeed the biggest insult to Islam?

Maybe PERKASA is really short for Persatuan Kaum Anti Syariah Allah!

Now, if PERKASA is really concerned about wanton insulting of Islam, then maybe they need look no further than the advisers within their own taikoh’s corner.

Yes, Dr. M’s corner.

Maybe PERKASA should ask the AG’s Chambers to explain why the sedition charges against Mahathir’s spin doctor, Syeditious Akbar Ali, were dropped?

Patrick insulted Islam?


See what Mahathir’s and PERKASA’s ally, the Munafiq Extraordinaire, wrote.

n_24syedakhbarThe Arabs are kafirs or disbelievers. They founded the religion of the Batu Gang.
They have conned millions into believing that a stupid stone structure in their
shit hole desert should be the centre of focus of people’s worship — another
stupid concept.
True to Arab homosexual tradition, the sick Arabs have conned millions of people
into raising their arse above their heads five times a day — supposedly in prayer.
Ass holes! Staring up each others backsides! Yo Brader Anwar. Just thought of

The charge sheet, in PDF, is linked below.

Charge Sheet against Seditious Akbar Ali

Now in case PERKASA feigns ignorance as to what Syeditious means by all this, this should make it plain for them.

Batu Gang Malays : The Malays who follow the sunni tradition of Islam which includes, turning to the Ka’aba in Mecca in performing the ritual of prayer

They founded the religion of the Batu Gang : The Arabs founded the religion of the Malay Sunni Muslims

a stupid stone structure … the centre of focus of people’s worship : the Ka’aba in Mecca

the sick Arabs have conned millions of people into raising their arse above their heads five times a day : the five daily prayers.

PERKASA wants those who insult Islam to be dealt with by the authorities?

Go on then.

Walk your talk, or be seen as no less munafiq as Dr M and his adviser here.