Selvach & the Rakyat Witness Protection Program

Posted on January 23, 2013



Last Thursday, in my “Do we stand by Selvach or…?” post, I shared with you the concerns we had about ensuring Selvach remained unmolested  and free of any police harassment on his way to or from the Kuala Lumpur High Court to testify in the on-going trial of the civil suit in connection with the death in custody of Guna.

Then, on Saturday, I put up a short post to inform you that arrangements had been made, but held back on details so as not to compromise those arrangements.

Selvach commenced his evidence-in-chief in the afternoon on Monday, 21st January and continued yesterday. He has been cross-examined and re-examined and I have been informed by counsel representing the family of Guna in the suit that Selvach has completed his evidence and has been released as a witness and will not have to go back to court.

We had initially proposed to have Selvach moved from his home before the trial commenced and have him placed in a hotel not too far from the court complex and after he had finished his testimony, to have him moved out of Kuala Lumpur for at least a month or at least until judgment in the suit had been delivered.

Selvach, however, was concerned that, in his absence from the family home, his wife and children may face harassment, and instead elected to have his entire family relocated to a ‘safe house’.

We went along with that.

Selvach and family will continue to remain at the ‘safe house’ until it is safe for them to return to their family home.

We have made arrangements to afford him and the family a reasonable allowance.

You may recall that when Guna’s family had successfully applied for an order of court for a second post-mortem, I had appealed to you for funds to meet the cost of that procedure and had subsequently sought your permission to help out Guna’s family with the funeral expenses.

After accounting for those expenses, there was a balance sum of RM8,500.o0.

I had then proposed applying the balance towards a Project 1805, but nothing came of it.

I have taken the liberty of applying some of those funds towards the allowance to Selvach and the family.

I will keep you informed of developments from time to time, if the circumstances permit me to do so.