Who will elect the next government? Malaysians? Or Banglas, Indons, Myanmaris and Pakistanis together? You decide

Posted on January 26, 2013




“Najib should ensure that the Sabah RCI is not another whitewash like the Teoh Beng Hock RCI. He should prove that he is a firm leader by bringing Mahathir to justice. Real justice, not the sham justice which we have come to associate with the Malaysian courts” – Mariam Mokhtar in her “Welcome to the Philippines 81st province” .

I hope Mariam is jesting here.

I hope no one out there harbours any hope that the Sabah RCI will be any different from the Teoh Beng Hock or the VK Lingam RCIs.

From Mkini

From Mkini

“Do they fall under the same category as explained during the deliberation of the RCI?”

“We need an immediate response from the EC, now that it has happened in the past and we have evidence adduced to support that argument.

“Can we get the categorical assurance from the EC that this will not happen (in Selangor)?” – Anwar Ibrahim, in respect of the 134,000 untraceable new voters registered in Selangor since the last GE, as reported in Malaysiakini.

“The new year card sent by premier Najib Abdul Razak to voters in Selangor has done Pakatan Rakyat a favour – by showing up ‘phantom’ voters.

Courtesy of Mkini

Courtesy of Mkini

Its elected representatives now want voters to report to the nearest local service centre operated by Pakatan parties if the card was sent to their address but to an unknown person” Malaysiakini.

There have, since the Sabah RCI commenced, been calls for a similar RCI to be established for the peninsula to ascertain if that which Mahathir did in Sabah vide Project IC has similarly been done here.

Leaving aside the matter of whether such an effort would be an eyewash and little else, time is not on our side.

In the time it would take for such a commission to be established, empaneled and commence to receive evidence and make known its findings and recommendations, if any, the 13th GE would have come and gone.

Remember that unless Najib intervenes to cause parliament to be dissolved earlier, it will, by operation of law, dissolve on 27th or 28th April, 2013, whereafter, the EC must hold the 13th within 60 days.

Rumour, though, is that parliament will be dissolved on the 22nd of next month and polling day will be on 30th March.

There is, as such, no time for an RCI for the peninsula.

And even if there was time for the same, do not imagine that the Najib administration will do anything to clean up the electoral rolls to remove foreigners who have been listed there.

Without these new voters, UMNO /BN are finished.

Is the incidence of foreigners being given Mykads here, in the peninsula, as high and as worrying as it appears to be in Sabah?

ABU has been analysing the new voters in the constituencies in which we are operating and I can now confirm for you that in those constituencies, more than 160,000 foreign-born voters have been registered since the 12th GE.

We are now further analysing and investigating those new voters to ascertain which are legitimate and which are not , and to identify the main localities where the latter category are mainly to be found.

Is there nothing that we can do to defend our electoral process from this fraud that UMNO /BN are determined to inflict upon us come the 13th GE?

I have already given my views on how this problem should be handled in Sabah and Sarawak to the local leaders there.

Additionally, in Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak, all citizens should avail themselves of the Jom Pantau initiative launched by BERSIH 2.0.

What has ABU been doing to address this problem?

In my “ABU War Phase 1 Part 1” post, I had said that ABU “have, and will continue to do so until polling day, identified where the new Mykad holders are concentrated and are delivering and will continue to deliver a message to them : DO NOT COME OUT TO VOTE” .

This message, in print, is in four languages.

Bengali, Bahasa Indonesia, Myanmar and Urdu.

The English translation of that message, appears below. Please note that the Indonesian version has an extra paragraph not found in the English translation or in the other languages.


A Message From The People of Malaysia to the ________________

You came here to find money for your families at home, because your country’s economy was being destroyed by corrupt dictators.

Today, our economy, too, is on the brink of collapse after more than 50 years of corrupt rule by the UMNO / Barisan Nasional government.

Today, the rakyat of Malaysia have declared war on the UMNO / BN government and are determined to vote in a new government at the 13th general election.

Many of you have been given citizenship of Malaysia and /or Malaysian identity cards by the corrupt UMNO /BN government on condition that you vote for the UMNO / BN at the next general election.

If you exercise that vote for UMNO / BN, we will regard that as your aligning with the corrupt UMNO / BN to cheat the people of Malaysia.

Understand now that the people of Malaysia are no longer prepared to be cheated by UMNO / BN or anyone who chooses to align with UMNO / BN.

Know that on polling day, Malaysians will patrol all polling stations determined to do anything and everything to prevent any kind of cheating.

This is a warning to you that if you show up at polling stations on polling day during the 13th general election, be prepared to face the wrath of the people of Malaysia.

Stay away from the 13th general elections.


To get a PDF version of the ABU Message to Foreigners, click on the image of the same below.


Alternatively, you could go to the ABU website to download the ABU Message to Foreigners .

ABU is printing thousands of these to distribute to the foreigners in the localities that we have identified as having a high presence of these foreigners with Mykads and registered on the electoral roll.

You could do your part by downloading the ABU Message to Foreigners, printing hundreds of copies and distributing the same to every foreigner you encounter before the 13th GE.

You will agree, I hope, that this would be better than hoping for Najib to clean up the electoral rolls or just sitting in the coffee shops and pubs and bitching about how we are going to be cheated at the 13th GE.