Make the ABU media war your own

Posted on January 28, 2013




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“Federal religious authorities warned Muslims nationwide today of attempts by “enemies of Islam” to confuse them into believing that all religions are the same, prolonging the debate over the usage of “Allah” by Christians even as it drives a deeper wedge between the country’s two most dominant religions.

In today’s Friday sermon prepared by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) here, Muslims were told that being too open-minded and allowing Islamic rights to be abused by other religions was a “dangerous” act.


“It is very clear that, today, enemies of Islam are seeking to divert and undermine the Muslim community’s faith.

“They are united among themselves and are attempting, with their many tricks and ways, to stake their claim on the usage of ‘Allah’ in their scriptures,” the sermon said.

JAKIM insisted that “Allah”, a word that millions of Arab Christians and those in non-Arabic-speaking lands use to describe their God, belongs to Muslims and is an exclusive right to those who profess Islam as it is clearly to prevent Muslims from becoming confused over the true identity of their God” Malaysianinsider reporting on the sermon at mosques nationwide last Friday.


After UMNO was declared illegal by the High Court in 1988, Mahathir went on to register UMNO Baru ( which is the present UMNO, less the Baru which has been conveniently dropped ) whilst Kuli went on to register Semangat 46.

Before the 1990 general elections, Semangat 46 forged a pact with DAP, called Gagasan Rakyat. With PAS, Semangat went into another electoral pact, Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah.

It was then also rumoured that Gagasan was in talks with Pairin’s PBS and that an agreement had reached that PBS would withdraw from BN at the eleventh hour.

A few days before polling day, Mahathir struck.

To spook the Malays into voting UMNO / BN again, the rumour that Kuli would ‘sell the nation to the Christians’ was spread.

Photos of Kuli wearing the Kadazan headgear with what appeared to be a cross was widely distributed at mosques at Friday prayers two days before polling day.

TV and radio stations and the mainstream media played this issue day and night right up until polling day.

Sadly, it worked.

Mahathir and UMNO are, again, employing the same strategy in the run-up to the 13th GE.

The TV and radio stations have given optimum airtime to the sermon delivered at mosques last Friday.

Print media have been doing the same.


How do we fight this?

ABU’s Counter Propaganda Team, working together with our illustrators and graphic team, will come out will material to counter this, for distribution in the Malay heartland.

We hope to have this out in 10 days.

Yes, we will be printing this in the thousands and our ground operators will have the same distributed to targeted areas in constituencies that we are operating in.

You can help too.

As always, this material will be hosted up on the ABU website so that all of you may help to distribute the same by downloading, printing and taking home to the kampungs.

The website is undergoing a facelift and so some of the links to the materials may not work at the moment.

The ABU message to the police and armed forces personnel has been revised so that it now has a page 2.

I am linking below some of the available material for you to download, print and distribute. Clicking on the thumbnails will open the document, in PDF.

Soi Lek's Hudud lies comic

Soi Lek’s Hudud lies comic

ABU message to the police and armed forces

ABU message to the police and armed forces

ABU warning to foreigners

ABU warning to foreigners

Mengapa harga barang naik?

Mengapa harga barang naik?