Yes, pray for us in ABU, and then, in faith, walk with us. And if you cannot walk with us, spare us your RM1 to fight this beast

Posted on February 4, 2013




“Haris, I really don’t know what to say, except a big, “THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH”. Whilst many are just still in the talking, “I wish you all the best”, “I admire you”, and passing encouraging comments stage, me included, you are there, in the thick of things, doing the work of several men.
We all have our valid reasons why we can’t help in person, but those that can’t be personally present, I do hope that they will join me and keep you and your staff, volunteers, etc., in prayer.
When, and IF, Pakatan win, and they will, if we can get rid of the “hantu voters”, etc, I wish that the people will be grateful, for their win will be surely be as a result of your work and sacrifice.
Don’t expect any gratitude from Pakatan itself, for that will nit happen, but at least you have done what you have, which is really a huge thing.


MAY THE GOOD LORD, INDEED MAY ALL THE GODS JOIN TOGETHER AND BE WITH YOU, YOUR TEAM, THE VOLUNTEERS, ETC” – Grateful heart’s comment to the “How many Mat Abus do we need to bury UMNO / BN?” post.


Grateful heart, firstly, thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

On behalf of all in the ABU team, and myself, I want to tell you that we do not do what we do in the hope or expectation of gratitude from any quarter.

My reason for doing all that I do is quite simple and I have shared this with all of you  before.

I am addicted to the love,  respect and tenderness that God plants in all human endeavour that has as its ends the justice, equity and compassion that He enjoins upon us.

That my efforts in ABU might please my Lord suffices for me.

I do not ever question the reasons of those who cannot join to help us in person.

We must each be guided by our own conscience.

carlin_net_daruma2_lgWhat I do ask of you who, for whatever reason, cannot walk with us, is that you help us with funds.

Whether you are here, or away in another country, help us.

And I ask that you pass on this appeal to any and all who you know who love our country and her people and who are willing to help us remove UMNO / BN from Putrajaya.

I have shared with all of you in my Phase 1 Part 1, Phase 1 Part 2 and Phase 1 Part 3 postings,  the work that is before us now right up to polling day.

On 20th December, I made another appeal for funds for the ABU War Fund.

I shared with you in that post that the balance of the funds given by you previously was about RM10,000.

Many of you have responded.

Big or small, we are grateful.

It all adds up.

To-date, we have received about RM90,000.

Thank you.

Tomorrow, I will issue a cheque to printers in the sum of about RM15,000 for material that will go out for distribution.

Last week, I issued two cheques totaling RM21,000, also for printed material for distribution.

In the coming days, more will go out.

Can I tell you approximately how much we will need to  fight this war effectively?

Before I do, I ask you to try and appreciate the scale of work in the working teams operating through the Secretariat, the material for distribution that is being generated, as well as the ground operations in the constituencies that we are focused in from now until polling day, to make an assessment for yourselves of the funding that is needed.

ABU will need at the very least RM500,000 to see through all that is planned.

I am singularly responsible for the receipt and expenditure of all ABU funds, and I will at all times remain accountable to you for the same.

I do not ask you to give us funds and to trust me blindly.

I have spoken to both auditors to try and set a date and time for a second audit of all funds coming in and being spent.

We will account to the auditors for all monies received and all expenditure and as was done previously, they will report to you.

On 21st January, I posted here that I had received information that parliament would be dissolved on 22d February, the date for nomination of candidates would be set for 16th March, and polling day would be scheduled on 30th March.

Last Friday, I was on Skype with someone who moves in the circles within UMNO who are in the know.

His message : 22 – 16 – 30 is it.

How reliable is this?

The individual concerned who I have known for some time now, in my opinion, is.

Let’s work on the assumption that his source of information, too, is.

Starting today, we have less than two calendar months to polling day.

52 days, if we exclude today and the expected polling day.

And if we generously assume that each of us can give 6 hours a day from now to that expected polling day towards some ABU work, that’s a total of 312 working hours or 13 working days.

That’s the time we have, if the information is correct, to do all that we need t0 do to see the end of UMNO / BN in Putrajaya.

Please help us fight this war.

We cannot do it without you.

For details of where to send your contributions, go to the link on the sidebar on the right or the ABU website HERE.